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Daru Island Papua New Guinea

What can PNG learn from Solomon Islands riot?

Political leaders should NOT take people for granted. In this article, we argue that PNG has a history of civil discourse, and therefore the government should have people at heart ...
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impacts of deforestation

Nature Conservation: Biodiversity Threatened by Logging

We are thankful to UNDP PNG for re-publishing this article - People of Morokea protect future of biodiversity. The people of West New Britain Province are taking ownership to protect ...
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carnivorous plant for sale

Carnivorous Plant Purple Pitcher

This is a carnivorous plant from the Kew Garden in London. Its common name is Purple Pitcher Plant. In Papua New Guinea, these carnivorous plants often grow among the grasses, ...
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Sustainable Development Goals

Papua New Guinea Education Plan 2029

The PNG education system is going through significant changes in 10 years to 2029 as indicated in the new National Education Plan 2029 (NEP). Here are the main points: Phase-out ...
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LSAT Free Prep Course Website LSAC

LSAT Free Prep Course Website LSAC Recommends

LSAT Prep: This article provides an overview of the LSAT Free Prep Course and useful resources for test-takers. Students who are planning to take the admission test will find the ...
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Pop It Fidget Toy: Should it be allowed in school

Pop It Fidget Toy: Pop-It is similar to the good old bubble wrap. It is a fidget toy with an endless cycle of push and pop. After you've popped it ...
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