how musch does it cost to pay for a car service

How often to service a car and cost you should know

The car dealers and car service providers are reaping off the unsuspecting customers (and business houses) thousands of bucks. This information aims to answer the question of 'how often do ...
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2021 HSC Exam results

2021 HSC Exam Results, School Ranking and NESA Exam Timetable

NESA 2021 HSC exam results, timetable and Exam Dates: The NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) has released the 2021 HSC exam timetable, exam dates, and the action plan for schools’ ...
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impacts of deforestation

Deforestation Caused by Logging is Worst Kind

Logging is widely known as the worst kind of deforestation. Despite, the forest protection measures to protect forests in Papua New Guinea, destruction of the low land rainforest continues. There ...
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covid19 in pnd

Covid-19 in PNG Deaths and Cases Q1 Update

This article gives a brief update of Covid-19 in PNG. The graph shows the cumulative total of positive cases and deaths in PNG from January to March 2021. The data ...
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International forest day awarness

International Forest Day: Why it is important for PNG

The International Forest Day 2021 in on Sunday 21st of March. Papua New Guinea should know that there is a NEED to look after our forested areas. The theme for ...
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bena EHP neheya traditional ritual

PNG Tribe Nose-bleeding and Cane Swallowing Rituals

The ‘Last Real Man’, is a documentary film that captures the sacred cane swallowing ritual of the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The documentary took six years to ...
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