Non-School Leavers Application Form

Non-School Leavers Application Form

This post provides information relating to the 2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form (NSL) application forms for the six Papua New Guinea universities.

Recently, PNG Insight receives an overwhelming request for the 2020 non-school leavers application forms. The post aims to give feedback to the requests of the visitors on PNG Insight Blog.

Note that four universities out of six (see the list below) have uploaded the 2020 NSL application forms on their websites at the time of this post.

Presently, the four universities listed in 1 – 4 have updated their websites by uploading the 2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form.

The non-school leavers’ application forms for the 6 PNG universities (UPNG, UoG, Unitech, DWU, UNRE and PAU) are downloadable in PDF format.

University links to 2020 non-school leavers application form

Click on the links to get the NSL application forms for the six PNG universities.

The links point directly to the university websites. There, you can read the notices and download the non-school leavers’ application forms for 2020.

  1. Divine Word University (DWU) Madang (2020 NSL application closing date 31st August 2019)
  2. PNG University of Technology (UNITECH) Lae (2020 NSL application closing date 31st July 2019)
  3. Pacific Adventist University (PAU) Port Moresby (2020 NSL application closing date 30th August 2019)
  4. University of Goroka (UoG), E.H.P (2020 UoG application closing date 30th August 2019)

The universities listed in 5 and 6 have last year’s (2019) application forms on their websites. But, their NSL application forms for 2020 academic year are unavailable.

It appears that the universities have NOT updated the web page.

We will make the forms available here when/if the universities update their ‘admission’ webpage.

Meanwhile, you can check out the links.

5. University of Papua New Guinea Port Moresby (Now updated 16th August 2020)
6. University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE), Rabaul (not updated)

If you urgently need the 2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form for UPNG, UNRE or UoG, contact the university admins directly. You can get in touch by calling, emailing or visiting them.

Teacher training institutions applicants info

This information is for NSL applying to the teachers training institutions in the country.

In particular, NSLs wanting to apply to teacher’s colleges will find the post useful. Important details for NSL applicants – such as application process, dates and application fees – are provided for the non-school leavers.

The education secretary’s circular to the heads of teachers’ training institutions and governing council stated that the ‘non-school leaver form is a standard form and will be made available to applicants on request’.

A vetting committee must verify the following information on all applications:

  • Grade 10 and 12 certificates are from recognised schools and matriculation centres;
  • The applicants must have left school in the last 5 years. For example, 2020 non-school leaver applicants must complete Grade 12 between 2015 and 2019;
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.4 and a B grade or above in English or Mathematics; and
  • Matriculation students must have their official certificates stamped and signed.

In anticipation to launch a strong application, consider the important detail before applying to a teacher training institution.

Especially, take note of the 2020 dates and application fees for NSL applying to a teacher training institution in the country.

2020 dates for non-school leaver application forms for teacher colleges

  • Closing Date for NSL application 26th July 2019
  • First vetting (Teacher Institutions/colleges) 19th – 23rd August 2019
  • Second vetting (Teacher Education, Waigani) 9th – 13th September 2019
  • Education Secretary endorsement 22nd November 2019
  • Publication of 2020 NSL acceptance list 6th December 2019

Teacher Colleges NSL application fee

The application fee is set by the PNG department of education. The education department recommends that NSL application should NOT exceed K50, usually non-refundable.

The education secretary, after the first and second vetting, endorses the selection list of non-school leavers. And, informs the head of the teachers’ college or publish the list on media around December of every year.

Presently, the education personnel in the provinces especially the head of training institutions, chairpersons of governing councils, Guidance Officers and other key education officers will have relayed the information to students.

Non-school leavers categories

The NSL apply directly to universities of their choice. For those who may not know, here are the various groups of NSLs.

  • Diploma students wanting a degree program at university.
  • Grade 12 students with good marks, but missed out on uni selections in the last 5 years.
  • Also, Grade 12 students upgrading their marks and meeting the national matriculation requirements mentioned above.
  • Grade 10 students doing Grade 11 and 12 at university centres.
  • Pacific Islanders and other nationals.

School leavers applications

The school leavers are the current Grade 12 students. The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) deals with SL applications for university placements.

In the past, the Grade 12 students used to complete the *manual* School Leavers Forms (SLFs). School in the country send the students’ SLF to Port Moresby. There, the selectors from universities select their first-year students.

In fact, the completing of SLF changed in 2017 when DHERST started doing online SLF.

The DHESRT is implementing online SLF and online selection. The national high, international and secondary schools only guide students with their university choices online. This is followed by the selection which is also done electronically.

The grade 12 students will get the results online, unlike in the past when the university selection list is published in print media.


The information for non-school leavers appeared on PNG Insight Blog. The comments on the original post indicated the need for universities to update their admission web page promptly.

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PNG Insight is an independent website focusing on providing information relating to education and development. Share the information about 2020 NSL applications forms and process if you find it helpful.

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