2023 Exam Results and Selections for Grade 10 and 12

As the 2023 Grade 12, 10 and 8 exams are in phases from students taking the exams to marking and releasing the results, you may wonder what actually happens. Here are PNG Insight’s latest updates relating to the Grade 12 and 10 exam results 2023 and Grade 11 and DHERST selections 2024.

Note that the important dates between now and December 2023, especially the result and selection dates for Grades 12 and 10, are based on past year’s dates. This year’s results will fall in close proximity to these dates, so read on to find out.

Grade 10 exam results and selections

In 2022, the education secretary in a newspaper report said that the PNG Grade 10 exam results would be ready on Sunday the 4th of December 2022. This was crucial due to the selection of the Grade 10 students to Grade 11. 

Understanably, the 2024 Grade 11 selection will also follow closely after the release of the results on the 8th of December 2023. This means that the selections for Grade 11 will take place between the second and third week of December 2023.

It will take a few days for the education secretary to sight and sign the selection list. So, expect the final Grade 11 selection list 2024 to be available on the education department website 5 – 7 days after the selection.

Here is further information on:

Grade 12 Exam Results – what happens

The Grade 12 exam results 2023 will be released by the Measurement Services Division of the Education Department to the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) on the first or second week of December 2023. Check PNG Insight Blog for the latest updates on the actual dates when the results come out.

If you are a grade 12 student, it is important to check your results as soon as the results are available online so that you can make changes to your online School Leavers’ choices. 

Usually, DHERST gives a days Grace Period for students to make adjustment/s before the National Online Selection kicks in. Grade 10 and Grade 10 Exam results 2022 and Grade 11 Selections 2023 png results pg.results.news

Grade 12 DHERST Selections 2024

PNG Insight has been following the Grade 12 DHERST National Online Selection System (NOSS) since it started in 2017/2018 and knows that online selection is the best thing spearheaded by the higher education department.
In the last three years (2020, 2021 & 2022), there were administrative errors that caused a lot of inconveniences. Some of you will remember that the selection lists were recalled, updated and republished in 2021 & 2022 – this should be avoided. 
NOSS is fast. It takes just hours for the selection to be done automatically online. The results can be available the next day.
As mentioned earlier, the Education Department will release the Grade 12 results to DHERST in the first or second week of December. E.g. in 2022, the results were sent to DHERST on the 11th of December 2022. This year the results will come out on the 8th of December 2023.
The higher education department will then verify the data from the education department before uploading it onto NOSS for the selection to take place.

Grace Period – Grade 12 students

For Grade 12 students, you will have five days to check your marks and make adjustments to initial choices for the higher institutions. 
You will be using two (different) systems – one from the education department and the other from the higher education department.
  • To check your 2023 exam results, use the MyPNGExamResults website run by MSD. (MyPNGExamResults website – mypngexamresults.com)
  • And to adjust your results, use the DHERST NOAS, National Online Application System. (DHERST NOSS platform – apply.dherst.gov.pg)

What DHERST say about the Grade Period

This is the statement from the DHERST NOSS platform – apply.dherst.gov.pg – in 2022

”Students are strongly reminded to access their NOAS accounts during the grace period which will eventuate on the 12th – 15th of December 2022. This is a crucial period where you will start making your choices based on your final grade 12 results hence make sure to access your account during the mentioned dates.”

Here is what to do 

”If you see red highlight indicated in any of your five choices under “My Choices”, this means that your final result has not met the minimum programme requirement set by the institution. Therefore, you must change the red highlighted choice to a different programme that is available in your programme list.”

Conclusion (2023 Grade 12 and 10 Exam Results and Selection 2024)

In closing, PNG Insight would like to wish all the Grade 10 and Grade 12 students the best in life.
If you have any questions, follow the links or leave a question in the comment section. 

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    For Grade 12, can we be able to fill in the backup School Leavers’ choices since we already have five choices on NOAS?


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