Algebra Exam Questions in order of Difficulty

Grade 10 Maths Exam Paper

Introduction to Algebra (I)

Introduction to substitution,  expanding brackets, factorising algebraic expressions and solving equations. Read about Algebra Building Blocks.

More Algebra Questions (II)

Using letters to represent numbers; Collecting like terms; Multiplying with numbers and letters; Dividing with numbers and letters; Expanding Brackets; Factorising; Understanding expressions, equations and formulae; and Substitution

Revision Algebra (III)

Factorising Algebraic expressions; Expanding Algebraic expressions; Simplifying Algebraic expressions by collecting like terms; Solving Algebraic equations.

Quadratic Equations Algebra (IV)

Solving high order quadratic equations. Recommended for the mathematics savvy students and or the Grade 11 and 12 students.

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