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#1. 8 x 7 = ? Question 1 Recall multiple of 8 x 7) Basic Numbers EASY

#2. Which number is NOT a factor of 24? ? Question 2 (Identify factors of 24) EASY

#3. Which of the following is the 7th square number? ? Question 3 (Identify common square numbers) Basic Numbers MODERATE

#4. The first three cubic numbers are ___,___, ___. ? Question 4 (Recall common cubic numbers) Basic Numbers DIFFICULT


#5. 126 + 74 = ? Question 5 Carry-over when adding 2-digit numbers (Basic skills) EASY

#6. 698 + 982 = ? Question 6 Carry-over when adding 3 digits (Basic skills) MODERATE

#7. 4 375 + 2 705 = ? Question 7 Carry-over when adding 4 digits (Basic skills) DIFFICULT

#8. 143 - 123 = ? Question 8 Subtract 3 digits (Basic skills) EASY

#9. 8 098 - 7 008 = ? Question 9 Subtract 4 digits (Basic skills) EASY

#10. 143 - 126 = ? Question 10 Borrowing once when subtracting 3 digits (Basic skills) MODERATE

#11. 8 428 - 6 049 = ? Question 11 Borrowing twice when subtracting 3 digits (Basic skills) DIFFICULT


#12. 60 x 30 = ? Question 12 Multiply numbers with two 0s (Basic skills) EASY

#13. 7 000 x 40 = ? Question 13 Multiply numbers with four 0s (Basic skills) MODERATE

#14. 120/6 = ? Question 14 Dividing with numbers ending with one 0 (Basic skills) EASY

#15. 14 000 / 70 = ? Dividing with numbers ending with three 0s (Basic skills) MODERATE

#16. The decimal equivalent of 50% is ______. ? Question 16 Convert percentage to decimal EASY

#17. What are the values in (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv), respectively? ? Question 18 Determine equivalent fractions DIFFICULT

#18. What is the value of 7 in the number 165.07? ? Question 19 Estimate numbers to given place-value EASY

#19. Round 3.5762 to 2 decimal places. ? Question 20 Estimate decimals by rounding to given decimal placesEASY

#20. Round 5 482 to the nearest thousand. ? Question 21 Round big numbers to a given place value MODERATE

#21. John had a K5 note. He bought a pen for K2.90. His change is ______. ? Question 22 Subtract decimals where money is involved EASY

#22. Four girls shared K84.40. How much did each girl receive? ? Question 23 Apply ratio in money problems MODERATE

#23. Mero shares half of his money with Joy and a quarter with Kelly. He is left with K12. How much money does Mero have before sharing it? ? Question 24 Apply fractions in money problems DIFFICULT

#24. Wanyo spent half of his money on food and a quarter of the money drinks. He is left with K12. How much money does Wanyo have *before* he went shopping? ? Question 24: Applying fraction in real problems

#25. The diagram shows the money Jill had in her pocket. How much more money does she need to buy a calculator that costs K47.35? ? Question 25 Demonstrate competency in addition and subtraction of decimals/money DIFFICULT


The Basic Numbers and Operations skills are mathematics building blocks every student should master at Junior levels of schools, before going to secondary schools. In the NUMERACY PRIMARY SKILL ASSESSMENT, there are four (4) tests addressing the Core Mathematics Content areas of the lower primary and lower secondary school syllabus.


The NUMERACY PRIMARY SKILL ASSESSMENT aims to help students to, firstly, practice their skills online and, secondly, identify the skills that they (the students) may not have mastered at this stage. The assessment is a self-paced (online) learning aid for students at primary schools, Grades 5 – 8. In hindsight, by Grade 8, the students are expected to complete the questions with over 90% accuracy.


In this test, we compile 50 multiple choice (MCQ) questions, each addressing skills that we feel are important. 


The questions in this assessment are listed according to the PNG Primary (Grades 5 and 6) and Lower Secondary (Grade 7 and 8) school syllabus. The difficulty of the mathematics skill questions range from EASY to HARD and are arranged in a cluster of units within each Core Mathematics Content (see below).

The Basic Numbers and Operations Skill test has 25 questions. This test is part of the 50 Multiple Choice Questions that make up the Numeracy Skill Assessment. As the creator of this assessment, I encourage students to take this assessment in full to know your full potential. 

Students can attempt the 50 questions in four sessions, according to the Core Mathematics Content. Or complete the assessment in one go. Check out the list below for the complete ONLINE SKILL TEST for Primary and Lower Secondary School Students. 





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