Grade 10 Exam papers

Download the LATEST EXAM PAPERS from 2015 – 2020

Looking for the latest Grade 10 mathematics exam paper? No need to worry anymore. You can download the exam papers on your mobile phone or home computers right here.

The latest General Maths HSC exam papers from 2015 – 2020 are password. The password is hidden behind 20 Math Skill Online Questions. You MUST do the first 20 questions correctly to ‘UNLOCK’ the password.


The old Grade 12 GM papers do not require a password to download.

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Very old Grade 12 General Maths Exam papers

To download the Grade 12 General Mathematics (GM) Past Exam Papers, click on the highlighted link. The past papers are in PDF format and will download immediately onto your device. Remember to download both Paper 1 and Paper 2 to do your revisions. The Answer Sheets and Formula sheets are included within each paper.

2014 | Download GM Exam Paper  1| GM Paper 2

2013 | Download GM Exam Paper One (1) | GM Exam Paper Two (2)

2012 | Download GM Exam Paper One (1) | GM Paper Two (2)

Note that prior to 2012, the General Mathematics Examination in PNG has only one exam paper. After the 2011 General mathematics examination, the education department introduced Paper 2 with 10 questions each worth 5 marks – a total of 50 marks for paper 2. 

2011 | Download Exam Paper | Formula Sheet

2010 | Download Exam Paper | Download Bank Answer Sheet

The exam booklets in this resource page are available in schools and are also a good resource for Grade 12 students preparing for the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (HSSCE) in Mathematics.

Preparing for General Mathematics Examinations

Revising the past Grade 12 General maths exam papers is a great way to get much-needed exam practice. Such practise is necessary to polish the math skills.

Additionally, preparing for major exams by doing the past paper questions is a great way to recall the ‘rusty’ numeracy knowledge and skills, otherwise would have been forgotten. It adds to the other practices in the General Math Mock Exam, or guided-questions from teachers and other preparations for national math exams.

We also have additional online resources to help you prepare for exams. One of them is the Online MCQ practice test and answers and feedback. Check it out – click here.

Mathematics Past Papers for other Exam Grades

The paper lists online are *free* and made available to those who may have difficulty getting exam papers from teachers or schools. Not all papers are available here. See your school/math teacher if you need the Grade 12 general math papers that are not listed below.

You can also download the Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12 Advanced Mathematics papers below.

The maths exam papers and answer sheets are downloadable in PDF. Note the PDF file are less than 500 kb and can be downloaded quickly. The PDF files contain Grade 12 Advanced Maths Exam Papers and blank Answer Sheet.