PNG Education Department Information

Quick information links to PNG Education Department online resources, web applications (Apps) and websites. Here, you’ll find – in one place – a comprehensive listing of the latest online resources developed by the education department for the people of Papua New Guinea.

The links lead to on-demand topics such as the teachers’ online payslips, Grade 11 selections, Grade 8, 10 and 12 online results, and many more. We will continue to update this directory as new online initiatives become available.

Teachers and public servants stand-alone Apps

Here is a list of education department apps meant for the department’s officers and teachers to use internally. The applications are stand-alone, which means that they are developed externally and hosted remotely (using different URLs and platforms). but linked to the education department website.

  • #10 MyTask App – MyTask App is an application for the Department of Education, its divisions and officers to use and schedule the duties, assign tasks and delegate responsibilities. This app also allows the management teams to monitor tasks and performances of officers in the department and help them accomplish them.
  • #9 MyLeave App – MyLeave application is an app for education department workers to use when applying for leave fares. This is likely to replace the manaul application process the department has been using.
  • #8 MyPNGSchool App – The MyPNGSchool App is an application for collecting students’ enrolment and teachers’ data from schools.

Latest online initiatives of PNG Education Department

This directory contains the listing of education links is for students, teachers, education officers and school administrators. Each may require users to use their user login details provided by NDoE to access the interface.

  •  #7 PNG Teachers Online Payslip (website: Implemented 2020): New public servants and teachers payslips online. Click on the link to read about how to register for teachers’ online payslip.
  • #6 PNG Exam Results for Grades 8, 10 and 12 (Website: Implemented 2018). For more information, click here: How to Check Exam Results Online
  • #5 Students Data Collection System SDCS (Website:, implemented 2020) Note about the SDCS: The National Department of Education embarks on another technology initiative ever towards capturing students’ exam and subject nomination data and other data relating to internal marks through a secured and closely monitored network. Every school administrator and provincial exam supervisor can go online now to upload their respective student’s information booklets (SIBs) data in real-time. Read more about SDCS here: Students Data Collection System SDCS

Education Department Website

This link (official website) points to the PNG National Department of Education (NDoE). There, you’ll find useful information. The on-demand informational pages are listed below.