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Air Niugini Online check-in started in August of 2016. Many national and international travellers have yet to use the platform. The reasons could be many. One obvious explanation is that many of Air Niugini’s customers may not know that they could check-in online.

This post aims to spread the word about Air niugini online check in. Definitely, it helps customers skip the frustrating queues when booking tickets and check in.

A manager with Air Niugini said that

“Passengers have the advantage of selecting their preferred seats and purchase other services such as extra leg room seats, extra baggage allowances and other products which may be on offer on the flight […]. But first of all, you have to check-in online,” Mr Dominic Kaumu.

Reassuringly, it is fast and efficient. The customers can do online check-in 24 hours – one day – prior to departure time.

To check in on your mobile devices or laptop or PC follow these steps:

  1. visit ( mobile phone users use this URL
  2. Enter your Last Name which is your surname,
  3. Enter your booking reference number which is often found at the top of your ticket and
  4. Click ‘Check-in.

Once the 4 steps are complete, you’ll access the Internet check-in interface. Navigate through the interface and select your desired seat. At the end, you can either email or print boarding pass.

For those passengers with cargo, all you have to do is get your seats online and check in your cargo at the airport. Cool, hey?! Yes you can do that.

Air Niugini online booking

The Air Niugini online booking is usually done before buying your ticket and doing online check-in. The customers book tickets either online or at the Air Niugini’s offices (or agents) and pay. Payment can be made immediately or at a later time in person.

Here are two personal details customer wanting to receive email and text alerts should provide when booking tickets online. Provide the sales team with a reliable phone number and email address. By doing this, you will get reminders from Air Niugini about any flight cancellations and reschedules.

Additionally, the email and text messaging services will surely remind you to check in online, on time!

The image shows real examples of reminders when using both the email and text messaging services offered by Air Niugini. Make use of these services as they are FREE.

air niugini online check in
A.N Email and text travel alert

Air Niugini online check-in

The Air Niugini check online is an intervention aimed to help customers avoid the check-in queues at the airport. The messages are useful. Especially the alerts received 24 hours before the departure time reminds the customer to do check-in online, on time.

It is a requirement that Air Niugini customers do their online check-in 24 hours early. And, understandably text and email alerts are the best ways to remind the customers to do their online check-in.

Last minute online check-in does not work. So do not arrive at the airport and bother to try it there 🙂 Therefore, provide your email and phone details when doing Air Niugini online booking. It is useful that way because it reminds customers to do the online check-in.

The good news is that Air Niugini customers can do online booking and online check-in without having to visit the Air Niugini office. The two processes can be done online, in the comfort of your home.

So, avoid standing in the long queues to book and buy tickets, or getting a boarding pass. Do these checks on the Internet 24 hours prior to departure. Check out more travel information on PNG Insight here.

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