Women in Business in PNG: Empowerment, Government Support, Success

Papua New Guinea (PNG) government recognises the pivotal role of women in driving economic development and has taken significant steps to support and empower women in business in PNG. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the active participation of women in entrepreneurial ventures, seeking financial independence,…

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kokoda campaign - queue Resting at Rouna Vin Healy Matiss Schubert
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Resting at Rouna: ”Dreaming of Muskerry” – A Tribute to Sacrifice

An emotive tribute 'Dreaming of Muskerry,' a song honouring Private John Healy and the unsung heroes of the Kokoda campaign. Resting at Rouna Falls near Ower's Corner and the Kokoda Track, the heartfelt melody captures the sacrifices families made during the war. A moving homage to the courageous souls who shaped history.