BSP Online Banking Benefits and Starting Tips

Many banks are addressing the problem of long queues and delays by utilising online banking platforms. BSP (Bank South Pacific) personal online banking is a great example of the use of technology to help its customers.

BSP personal online banking

This post aims to show how to create a BSP personal online banking login account and access vital services via mobile devices or personal computers where there is an Internet connection.

BSP online banking
BSP online banking landing page | Screenshot


BSP has branches in almost all the provinces in PNG. Many rural districts in the country are also benefiting from the rural banking program. This means that BSP has a large proportion of the market share of the banking population in the country. Despite this, one of the major customer services issues, both in the rural and urban centres, is queueing at the BSP branches to access the banking services. Customers who opt for Internet Banking can avoid long queues.

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In recent years, BSP online banking gives its customers the benefit of accessing their accounts or doing transactions online. Indicated in the screenshot above, there are more than 10 things customers can do with the BSP personal online banking. If you are a BSP customer without the access an online account, find out what devices are compatible with BSP online banking. And, benefit from Internet banking in the comfort of your home.

Who can bank online

As state earlier, the BSP online banking is open to every customer as long as you have an account with the bank. There are two types of account – a personal online account and business account. The first account type targets everyday account users. The later is for businesses and individuals who run business. So, if you are a normal customer the personal online account is ideal for you.

Below is how to subscribe to BSP internet banking. But first, it is important to emphasise the importance of securing your online login details.

Internet safe

Your login credentials are the key to unlocking your house door. Never disclose your login details to anyone and do not write it down. The best place to keep your user name and password is in your head. Follow these 5 tips to secure your online account:

  1. Use a combination of letters, numbers and caps for your password. This makes it difficult for hackers and others to guess your password.
  2. Memorable names and numbers (or characters combination) help you remember your password. You can be locked out of your account on three unsuccessful login attempts. Getting your account unlocked would mean that you have to visit the nearest BSP branch or give them a call. Therefore, make sure you do not only have a strong password, but also one that you can easily remember.
  3. Use the authentication option. That means that you must set up security questions. For example, what is the name of your best buddy at school? The two-step authentication is a better way to secure your account. You’ll have to log in and answer the question/s before accessing the online banking platform. Use the two-step authentication and safeguard your account.
  4. Clear the cache of your device. After log out go to the setting > history > clear. If you lost your phone or device not will access your account if you clear the password that may have been stored by your device’s auto setting,
  5. Do not access BSP online banking via free wifi. Open source wifi is susceptible to virus and hacking. Even if you have the best security program on your device, it is better to be safe than sorry.

5 benefits of banking online

The Internet has changed the way banks are doing their businesses. BSP’s online banking is an example of utilising the Internet to improve services to customers. BSP customers do not have to go the bank and join the back of the queue to check bank balance or transfer money to friends and families. In fact, several services are available online.

  1. Check bank balance: Many BSP account holders queue to check balance and withdraw money. Others use EFTPOS machines at the shopfronts to also check the balance which means that customers will have to travel to the nearest BSP ATM or branch. With online banking, you can check your balance at home without having to travel to the nearest BSP ATM.
  2. Transfer money online: BSP has the option to transfer money to other BSP accounts online. You can also transfer money to other bank accounts or make international transfers.
  3. Safe and secure: Customers can rely on BSP’s online security system and bank comfortably. Knowing that they have expert system administrators that monitor the system from online threats. BSP also have internet safe measures (discussed above) to ensure the protection of personal and business online accounts.
  4. Quick Service: It is annoying to stand in the queue to access some banking services. A complete waste of time. Go online banking and experience convenience banking.
  5. Multi-device: The BSP online website is responsive to multi-devices. Customers can use mobile phones, kindle, tablet laptop or personal computer to access their accounts.

What BSP say about the internet banking solution

Some telecommunication insiders mentioned that internet penetration in PNG in over 95%. This is further supported by the fact that the Education sector is going online to reach every part of the country with the online school leavers form (SLF) and online examination result. Moreover, BSP customers anywhere in the country with a mobile phone can check balance and transfer money online.

Here is what BSP said about its personal internet banking

‘Don’t have the time to visit the bank? Tired of Bank and ATM queues? Don’t stress, BSP Personal Internet Banking makes banking for you more secure and quicker and the best thing about it is its available 24/7. Access your bank account(s) at the convenience of your home, office, hotel or wherever you can gain access to the Internet.’ []

How to open BSP Personal Online Banking Account

Perhaps, the important question is how can new and existing customers subscribe to BSP online banking. According to BSP, there are two things to do.

  1. Download and complete the application form
  2. Submit the form to the BSP branch nearest to you

Avoid the frustratingly long queues. Check account balance and transfer money online with BSP online banking. Create a login account with a strong password and access your account on your mobile devices comfortably. Anytime. Anywhere.

To open a BSP online banking account today, click here!

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