Carnivorous Plant Purple Pitcher

This is a carnivorous plant from the Kew Garden in London. Its common name is Purple Pitcher Plant.

In Papua New Guinea, these carnivorous plants often grow among the grasses, especially the ‘Kunai’ grasses in the highlands.

Also in the many coastal areas, the Purple Pitcher Plant tend to grow on small hills, near the red clay soils and in the abandoned gardens.

Carnivorous plant purple pitcher plant

I have never thought they could make really good house plants until I saw these familiar but bizarre plants at the Kew Gardens in London.

Here is how the purple pitcher plant catches insects:

‘To catch a tasty insect snack, the pitchers – a deep, pouch-like formation of leaves – function as traps. An unwitting insect is lured by their intoxicatingly bright smell and colour and gets caught into the pouch.’ Kew Graden

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Check out our videos of the tropical carnivorous plants at the renowned Kew Botanical Gardens in London.

Conservation Efforts in Papua New Guinea

Read our collection of articles about conservations in Papua New Guinea:

Kew Garden connection to PNG

Many botanists and conservationists have worked in PNG and others are still discovering new plants, insects and animal species at present time.

Our forests, rivers and seas are abundant with various life forms that we often take for granted. This Island of New Guinea (Papua to the west and New Guinea to the east) is unique to the world in terms of natural wildlife and other plant forms.

Therefore, as Papua and New Guineans, we must, first appreciate those life forms. And secondly, look after them.

We must not allow loggers to destroy our forests, because forests are the lifeline of our people!

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