Papua LNG Project TotalEnergies Update for 2024, 2025 & Beyond

Papua LNG Project led by TotalEnergies (40.1%) with ExxonMobil (37.1%) and Santos (22.8%) aims to develop Papua New Guinea's gas reserves (over 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent). Early works are on track for 2024. Final Investment Decision (FID) is targeted for 2025, with a potential production start-up in 2026. The project holds economic benefits for PNG and aims to serve Asian energy markets.


Papua New Guinea’s 50th Anniversary: A Focus on Education and Human Resource Development Since Independence

Papua New Guinea (PNG), a land of diverse cultures and breathtaking beauty, will commemorate its 50th year of independence from Australia in 2025. This milestone offers an opportunity to reflect on the nation's journey and envision its future, with development as the central focus. Your parents will have a different…


Women in Business in PNG: Empowerment, Government Support, Success

Papua New Guinea (PNG) government recognises the pivotal role of women in driving economic development and has taken significant steps to support and empower women in business in PNG. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the active participation of women in entrepreneurial ventures, seeking financial independence,…

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