Children’s education is the most important development agenda today. This category, Education Info, is based on the belief that education is the *key* to developments in Papua New Guinea. The category features discussions, opinions and political and economic agendas on sustainable development in education.

Provincial Education Leaders and Good School Culture in PNG

'PNG Provincial Education Leaders and Good School Culture' is a discussion on the roles of PNG provincial education leaders, school inspectors and school admins as the leaders central to the topic of school leadership and school culture. The second article (Part 2) puts in perspective the roles of…

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2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form

This post provides information relating to the 2020 Non-School Leavers Application Form (NSL) application forms for the six Papua New Guinea universities. Recently, PNG Insight receives an overwhelming request for the 2020 non-school leavers application forms. The post aims to give feedback to the requests of the visitors…

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Online University Courses Divine Word University

The Divine Word University (DWU) was formerly called Divine Word Institute run by the Catholic mission. DWU got its university status in 1996 and described itself as the 'ecumenical, coeducational and privately governed [insititution in the country] with government support'. It's Online University Courses are the best in…

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