Education policies are working documents aimed at setting achievable targets for both long and short terms development in Papua New Guinea.

This category provides insights relating to current educational trends, changes and improvements that are reviewed, discussed, debated or implemented.

The work is a compilation of a post-graduate study in Leadership and Development at the Pacific Adventist University, PNG focused on education policies and development.

The work on Tuition Fee Free Policy was presented at the UPNG/ANU PNG Update Conference 2018. Contact the writer on Twitter for discussions, presentations or information relating to the articles.

Papua New Guinea Education Department SDG 4

Papua New Guinea Education Department SDG 4
Sustanable Development in Papua New Guinea

INTRODUCTION The Papua New Guinea Education Department and Government have made attempts to address the country’s development plans relating to education development. The attempts on implementing TFF policy and changing the school structure and curriculum are short-term and reactionary measures…

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