Papua New Guinea has been on a rollercoaster ride
Students in Classroom - Local MPs rarely send their Children to local schools in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea: A Contrarian View on Politics and Development

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a developing country with a young and growing population. The economy is largely resource-based, with mining, oil, and gas accounting for a significant share of GDP. However, the country also faces a number of challenges, including poverty, inequality, and corruption.This article presents a contrarian view…


Women in Business in PNG: Empowerment, Government Support, Success

Papua New Guinea (PNG) government recognises the pivotal role of women in driving economic development and has taken significant steps to support and empower women in business in PNG. In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the active participation of women in entrepreneurial ventures, seeking financial independence,…

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The Challenges of PNG Job Market

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently witnessed a surge in the number of job applicants relative to available job positions in the public sector, and especially the recent PNG Police recruitment drive. The country's recent police recruitment drive is a clear indication of the challenges facing job seekers in PNG,…