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Christian Bible Translation Bwanabwana Language

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This is the story of the Christian Bible translation of the Bwanabwana New Testament (Buki Tabu Waluwaluna) in the Samarai Murua District of Milne Bay Province. Buki Tabu Waluwaluna in the Bwanabwana language means the ‘New Testament Bible’. Bwanabwana language group, Milne Bay The arrival of the Canavan family from…

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Beautiful things happen, distance yourself from negativity – students

Kayla writes and expresses herself beautifully. This story, teen friendship and relationship, is about the delicate balance of high school life; making life-long friends, especially, in a school where boy-girl relationship is discouraged. Kayla writes that strong friendship helps when you feel as if you were 'drowning'. She believes that…

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