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PNG Prime Ministers

Papua New Guinea Prime Ministers Past and Present

The prime minister's position carries a lot of responsibilities, and also benefits. This is the highest position in the country - those that occupied it will always crave it. But, ...
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problem solving strategies in math

PNG Schools SBC Syllabus and Teachers Guide Pdf

 Teachers, parents and students can now download SBC Syllabus and Teachers Guide Pdf for all the subjects at the education department's website.  PNG Insight has a dedicated maths resource website ...
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West New Britain Teachers Listing

Maths Past Exam Papers for Years 8, 10 and 12

PNG Insight has a comprehensive collection of past maths exam papers for Years (Grades) 8, 10 and 12. The past papers are free for students and teachers. They are the ...
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founding fathers

Real Stories Behind University Graduation Photos

University graduation photos show happy students, parents and families. Social media are flooded with jubilant photos. Hugs and tears. Also, a heartfelt tribute to a single mother struggling to raise ...
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Example of Community development led by Youth in PNG

Youth Leading Community Development in PNG

It’s not easy to implement community development projects as a young person or a student while studying and here are a few takeaways. Fellow youths have asked me about youth ...
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GCSE exam results 2022 and results date

2022 GCSE Exam Timetable and Changes You Should Know

The General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSE) exams are back this year after 2 years of cancellations due to Covid-19 restrictions. The 2022 GCSE exam timetable is out. The exams will ...
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