Are you a PNG student in secondary school, tertiary institution or studying overseas? Are you a teacher wanting to share your experience? Would you like to get your story published on PNG Insight and get paid for it? Here is how to make money online – write for us now.

write for us earn money online

We are calling for inspirational and awesome PNG student writers to write for us. There are two groups of writers we are looking for:

  • write for us (PAID) and
  • write for us (FREE GET PUBLICITY).

We are looking for writers who can share their experiences and inspire us. 

Benefits for writers

Perhaps the important thing is getting your work recognised and published to an audience. Besides, you can also earn a reward to enjoy – either money or mobile phone credits.

Who can write for us

You must be a past or present student attending a PNG school, open college, vocational centre, college or university. Students who dropped out at Grade 10 and 12 or colleges and universities in the country can make money online by writing for us.

We want to feature your story on PNG Insight. So, send in your first article.

If you are a PNG student studying overseas, you can also write for us. Message us here.

Eight groups of writers who can write for us and make money online:

  • Grade 10 and 12 students out of the formal schooling system
  • Current PNG students at secondary and tertiary institutions
  • Former students who want to share their stories
  • Students who won scholarships and sponsorships
  • Postgraduate students (overseas and in-country)
  • Students at open colleges and DODL
  • Bloggers and accomplished writers
  • Teachers

What we are looking for

We are looking for personal stories. The stories can be personal experiences and testimonials of your school (academic) life. Some starter points include memories of schooling life, challenges of getting into secondary school or uni, how you secure a scholarship, etc…

We believe that storytelling is an Art. Papua New Guinean’s past and present generations are natural storytellers. Therefore, we are looking for storytellers and writers in the seven groups above.

We also looking to connect established PNG bloggers, writers and publishers. Let’s connect and establish a strong online link. So, get in touch if you are interested to share links, stories and establish an online network. 

Tone of story

The tone of your article is important. For all paid articles, we are looking for true stories that are captivating. Your stories must be able to take the readers through your personal experiences, challenges and memories of your school (or academic) life. 

The article should also aim to educate or share information with others to help them. 

Submit your story (IMPORTANT)

Before submitting your article, get someone to proofread your article. Besides, include the following details:

  • Submit your work to us in Word file
  • Writer’s bio (a brief paragraph about you – Not a CV or resume so keep it brief)
  • Include a photo relevant to the story
  • Writer’s contact (website, blog, mobile number, email)
  • Social – we prefer the LinkedIn profile of writers so we give prominence to your work (Facebook and Twitter accounts are accepted if you do not have a LinkedIn acc). 

These details are not included in the total word count.

Contact us:

7 points to keep in mind

  • We will not publish any article deemed offensive or promotional. However, we will link your story to your social media account or website if you give consent (we will ask you before we link your story and get your consent forehand).
  • The article must be written by a past or present student who attends a school, college or university in PNG.
  • Interested writers can write more than one articles but centred around your schooling experiences. Each article must be unique.
  • Write with passion and this will show up in the lines of the readers.
  • Writers whose articles appear on PNG Insight will receive their reward in bank deposits or mobile direct credits.
  • Once an article appears on our website, we own the right to the article. That means that if you want to use it in the future, you’ll have to let us know.
  • We will not unpublish any article that we paid for. 

After publication

It will take about a few weeks to a month to edit and publish your article. When we have published your article, we will let you know about it.

Writers whose articles we publish here can reshare the articles on social media. They can also make reference to them in their CVs/resumes. 

Write for us make money online

We do not pay in cash. However, there are two ways to get paid. Writers can make money online for every qualified article we reviewed. Payments are through the online bank deposit or mobile phone credits.

  • online bank deposit
  • mobile phone credits

The payments are direct online deposit into you PNG account if you decide to receive the payment that way. That means that you’ll have to give us your name and account number for us to deposit your money may have earned for writing for us.

It is also practical to get a direct top-up on mobile phone credits. Eligible writers will get their mobile credits in three ways:

  • direct online top-up (recommended),
  • ATM top-up or
  • scratch top-up cards.

You must provide your mobile number when we contact you.

How much money can you make

We believe this reward is the first of its kind in PNG aimed at getting students to write and earn some money. The payment break-down is as follows:

  • 800 – 999 words = K5
  • 1000 – 1499 words = K8
  • 1500 – 1999 words = K12
  • Over 2000 words = K15

Writers can submit more that one articles. The more writers write the more they earn. Here is the table of potential earning.

earn online income by writing

The article (or articles) submitted from a writer should be more than 800 words and fall into one of the categories of payment above. We edit the articles submitted to make it fit the article-template we use on PNG Insight.

That means that the article submitted to us can either increase or decrease in word count during the editing. Therefore, we reserve the right to pay you according to one of the categories in the payment list.

Write for Us (FREE)

We also accept educational writers who want to publish their work on our website. This is an ideal chance for postgraduate students and university students who would like to get their best academic work published for free.

Here are some examples of academic work we published on PNG Insight:

Click on the links to see the examples. Do you have any powerful work gathering dust in the hard drive and flash drive? We can publish them for you here. Send them in. 

The benefits of publishing your paper are many. Some of them include

  • your work gets publicity,
  • gets a link back to your social media profile or your name, and
  • making available a digital online copy of your work for later reference when you need it. 

We want to hear from you. Contact us:

Send your article to . Contact us using the contact form below, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn if you have any question.