DHERST Admission Pool: How to Get Selected

Getting selected to a tertiary institution in PNG is an important step in your educational journey. It can open up new career opportunities and help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. However, the selection process can be competitive.

In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to improve your chances of getting selected to a tertiary institution in PNG. We will cover topics such as GPA, NOAS choices, and the admission pool.

By following the tips in this article, you can increase your chances of getting selected to the institution of your choice and achieve your goals.

GPA and Your Chance of Getting Selected

Your GPA is the most important factor in the NOAS selection process, but it is not the only determining factor. It is calculated by averaging your Grade 11 and 12 internal and external marks. Many students think that they should only do well in the Grade 12 exams to get selected. In fact, what you score in the exam is the cummulative result of your work over time, Grade 11 to Grade 12. That means that if you do well in your Grade 11 and 12 internal assessment, you will definitely do well in the external exam. There is no short-cut.

To improve your chances of getting selected to a top institution, you should aim for a GPA as high as possible which means you must show great results throughout your Grade 11 and 12 years, and also do well in the end-of-the-year examinations.

Here are some tips for improving your GPA:

  • Start early. Prioritise your study in Grade 11. Don’t wait until the last minute (Grade 12) to start studying. Set aside time each day to review your notes and practice answering tests and exam questions.
  • Get organised. Create a study schedule and stick to it. This will help you to stay on top of your work and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Ask for help. If you’re struggling with a particular subject, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teacher or a tutor.
  • Take advantage of extra resources. Many schools offer extra help sessions, after-school tutoring, and online resources. Take advantage of these resources to get the support you need.

NOAS choices and DHERST Admission Pool (Before and After Examinations)

When you are filling out your NOAS application, you will need to list your five choices in order of preference. This is important because the selection process is based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you list a top institution as your first choice, you will have a better chance of getting selected if there are still places available.

Here are some tips for making the best NOAS choices:

  • Do your research. Learn about the different tertiary institutions in PNG and their admission requirements. Consider your interests, academic strengths, and career goals when making your choices.
  • Be realistic. Don’t list institutions that you don’t have a realistic chance of getting selected for. Instead, focus on institutions that are a good fit for you and your academic qualifications.
  • Have a backup plan. Even if you get selected as your first choice, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case something doesn’t go according to plan. List a few other institutions that you would be happy to attend.

Here is the latest information on what to do if you are in the ADMISSION POOL, check it out!

DHERST’s Admission Pool (During Grade 12 Selections)

If you are placed in the admission pool during the Grade 12 selection, it means that you were not selected for any of your five choices, but you may still be offered a place at a tertiary institution in PNG.

The admission pool is a list of students who have a GPA above threshold for selection to universities and colleges, but may have made the wrong choices, or misapplied the order of preferences.

Here are some tips for students in the admission pool:

  • Login to your NOAS account check for any RED signal on your NOAS selection and make adjustments to GREEN.
  • Check your NOAS selection status regularly. The admission pool is updated regularly as institutions fill up their quotas.
  • Be prepared to accept an offer from an institution that is not your first choice. If you are offered a place in the admission pool, you should be prepared to accept it, even if it is not your first choice. You can always transfer to your preferred institution in the following year if you meet their admission requirements.
PNG DHERST National Online Application System NOAS selection lists

GPA and Grade 12 Selections: FAQs

Here are the three main questions that many Grade 12 students ask every year:

Q: I was not selected and I was put in an admission pull, will the DHERST select me according to my choices?

A: Your chances of selection from the admission pool are higher if there is space available at your chosen school and you have a high GPA. However, it is important to remember that you are competing with other students in the pool, so your chances of being selected are not guaranteed.

Q: I have a GPA of 2.6 and was not selected by any of my five choices, even though the nursing schools in the country have a minimum GPA of 2.4. Why?

A: There are a few possible reasons why you were not selected, even though your GPA was above the threshold. First, more students with a GPA of 2.6 or higher applied to the same nursing schools as you. Second, the nursing schools may have given priority to students who applied with the first choice. Finally, it is possible that there were simply not enough spaces available in the nursing schools for all qualified applicants.

Q: Why was I not selected for a teachers’ college, even though my GPA of 2.4 met the minimum requirement?

A: A GPA of 2.4 is the minimum requirement for teachers at colleges, but it does not guarantee you a place. There may have been more students with a GPA of 2.4 or higher who applied to the same teachers’ colleges as you. Additionally, the teachers’ colleges may have given priority to students who applied with first choice. (Here is the NEW 2024 GPA for Teachers Colleges in PNG)

Conclusion (DHERST Admission Pool)

Getting selected to a tertiary institution in PNG is competitive, but following the tips in this article can improve your chances. However, there is no guarantee of selection, even if you meet all the requirements. If you are not selected, don’t give up. You may still be offered a place in the admission pool or find another pathway to tertiary education.

Stay positive and motivated, and you can achieve your educational goals.

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