DHERST Grade 12 Selection Lists 2022-2023 Dates

Grade 12 students are looking forward to the release of the DHERST’s Grade 12 Selection Lists 2023 for the new Academic Year. The higher education department listed the dates for the Grade 12 Grace Period and the selection list release date. 

2022 Grade 12 students must adjust their School Leaver’s Choices during the Grace Period. Read on to find out about the crucial dates you need to know.

What’s best about DHERST Grade 12 Grace Period 2022

DHERST released the dates for the Grade 12 Grace Period and the 2022/2023 Selection Lists in good time. In hindsight, DHERST pegs the Grace Period to Monday the 12th of December 2022. The Grace Period ends on Thursday the 15th of December 2022. 
The Grace Period means the Education Department (MSD) must release the Grade 12 results before the 12th of December 2022. 
DHERST will not be happy if NDoE delays the Grade 12 results beyond the date they set for the Grace Period.

DHERST Grade 12 Selection Lists 2022 Release Date

As planned, DHERST will release the 2022 selection lists for the 2023 academic year on Wednesday the 21st of December 2022.
Grade 12 students have 4 days to adjust their school leavers’ (SLF) choices to higher institutions. And, wait 10 days before the PNG Universities and Non-universities Acceptance Lists 2023 come out.

Check Grade 12 (and Grade 10 Exam) results

Grade 12 exam results and Grade 12 selection
Grade 12 exam results release date 2022


According to the MSD’s Results Portal, Grade 12 and Grade 10 exam results will come out on the 11th of December 2022. Students can check their results from 11 AM.
The release of the exam results and the Grade 12 Grace Period are just a day apart – perfect. DHERST will be happy with the result release date.
2022 Grade 12 School Leavers have 4 days to adjust their choices on SLF. Then, wait 10 days before the DHERST Grade 12 Selection Lists 2022 – 2023 come out.
So, if you are a Grade 12 student. you must check your online results at the MSD’s results portal and adjust your SLF choices at the DHERST NOAS login portal.

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    if you could advise me on the result of my son’s Year 12 result would be greatly appreciated so I can help him with the next step.
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    Is the school leavers selection list coming out today 21st? Please confirm!

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    Hello, Please confirmed the date for Grade 12 new intake selection list 2023.

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    Want to see the names of grade 12 students for 2022

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    Some students finding it hard to excess their results because the system on password and slf number is not working. How will they check their results??

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