DHERST 2023 Grade 12 Grace Period and Selection Dates

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) in Papua New Guinea released the dates for the 2023 Grade 12 Grace Period and Selection List Release Date. The Grade 12 Grace Period is from Tuesday 12th December to Friday 15th December, 2023, and the Selection Lists released date is the Thursday 21st December 2023.

(DHERST releases the Launcing Date and the Publication Date, click here to find out more)

Although these dates have already passed, they are still relevant for 2023 students as they provide a guide to what to expect.

DHERST 2023 Grade 12 Grace Period

The DHERST Grade 12 Grace Period provides students with a crucial opportunity to review and modify their school leaver’s choices before we release the Selection Lists.

This allows students to verify that their choices align with their academic goals and interests, along with their Grade 12 exam results.

Students can use the Grace Period to:

  • Review their school leaver’s choices and make any necessary changes.
  • Research higher education institutions in Papua New Guinea and learn more about the programs they offer.
  • Talk to their teachers, parents, and other trusted adults about their school leaver’s choices.

DHERST Selection List Release Date

DHERST will launch the 2023 Selection Lists on 21st December 2023. Students, check your selection results on the DHERST NOAS login portal.

If you’re selected, you have 10 days to accept your offer. If you don’t accept, the place goes to the next student on the waiting list.

Keypoint About Selection

The DHERST Grade 12 Selection Process is competitive. Also, due to the higher number of Grade students, many missed out on their first choice institution.

The DHERST Grace Period gives students a chance to improve their chances of selection to their preferred institution. They can do this by adjusting (selecting) their school leaver’s choices that meet their exam grades.”

From past experience, the Grade 12 students have 4 days to adjust their school leavers’ (SLF) choices to higher institutions. And, wait 10 days before the PNG Universities and Non-universities Acceptance Lists 2024 come out.

Advice for students

Top Tip: Students, use the Grace Period wisely and make informed decisions about your school leaver’s choices. Be prepared for the possibility of not being selected for your first-choice institution. If not selected, consider your other options, such as attending a different institution or applying to a program with a lower entry requirement.

Students should also remember that the DHERST Grade 12 Selection Process is just one step in their educational journey. Many other opportunities are available to students, even if they are not selected for their preferred institution.

Grade 12 students are looking forward to the release of the DHERST’s Grade 12 Selection Lists 2023 for the new Academic Year. The higher education department listed the dates for the Grade 12 Grace Period and the selection list release date.

2023 Grade 12 students must adjust their School Leaver’s Choices during the Grace Period. Read on to find out about the crucial dates you need to know.


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