Digicel PNG Top Up Online Tips and Information

Digicel PNG top up makes it easier for customers to use their phones to call, text or access the internet. There are several ways a Digicel PNG subscriber can top up CREDIT and DATA online. Top up can be done in two ways, either by online direct top up or manually at a re-seller.

In this post, PNG Insight attempts to simplify the different ways a Digicel PNG subscriber can top up credit and data. We also give some background of the three telecommunication companies (Digicel PNG, Telikom PNG and Bmobile) in PNG. Read on to find out what may work the best for you.

Disclaimer: PNG Insight does not benefit from Digicel PNG. This article provides community service information for new subscribers on Digicel PNG Network.

Digicel PNG online top up (credit)

Digicel PNG customers can top up in three different ways, either online top up or top up using a flex card. The first is convenient for customers. It can be done anywhere, anytime when there is a need to make a call or access the internet. The second method is manual top up via the scratched flex, ATM or direct top up at a reseller shop. Read on to see how each top up works.

Online top up (prepaid)

The subscribers must first log in to Digicel PNG online top up service to use this service. Select the top up methods, login (or sign up if you are a new customer), review the order and pay at checkout.

Digicel png credit top up

Automatic top up schedule (send top up online)

The Automatic Top Up is also done online (see the image above). This method allows a subscriber to send Top Ups to any Digicel number by scheduling. The user can schedule the Top Up at convenient times with enough money to make payments.

To use the automatic Digicel PNG top up service please follow the simple 3 step process below.

  • After your next Top Up, choose to save your credit card when entering your payment details.
  • Proceed to “Top Up Methods”,
  • Select “Automatic”,
  • Select “Add New” and assign a name to your Automatic Top Up.
  • Enter the phone number that will be receiving the Top Up, determine your desired Top Up amount as well as the frequency you wish for your Top Up to be sent. When finished, be sure to click “Save”.

Digicel PNG advises that the Automatic Top Up does not currently support American Express, NCB or PayPal payments.

Scratch flex cards

The most commonly used method of Digicel top up is using scratch flex cards. The scratched flex cards are available in different values.

How to top up with Digicel flex cards.

  • Scratch the new flex voucher card gently
  • Note the 13-digit voucher number
  • Enter the voucher number (*121*VOUCHER NUMBER# Send)
  • Wait for the confirmation message before using it.

Direct top up at re-seller

You can also do a direct top up at a participating reseller’s shop. Instead of a scratched flex card, the subscribers can ask for a receipted voucher with the 13-digit voucher number. Follow the same steps for Scratched Flex Cards to enter the digits.

The customers can also give their mobile number to the re-seller to complete the top up process. Digicel PNG will send a confirmation text to the subscriber’s phone to confirm the credit purchase.

Top up at ATM

ATM top up is probably the easiest way, but many people do not use it. It is as simple as following the prompts. However, it comes at a cost. So, if you do not want to pay extra to top up do not use the atm top up.

Digicel PNG online top up (data & auto pay)

Auto Pay is the easiest way to renew a DATA plan. It ensures that the subscription of an existing data plan never expires. The existing plan automatically tops up when it expires. A good way for Digicel to keep its customers and make money.

The Auto Pay service gives Digicel PNG the ability to save the subscriber’s payment details and only recharge the account at renewal time. The subscriber can opt out of an Auto Pay setup at any time.

Opting out of Auto Pay can be done through the My Account menu. The service is ideal for online data subscribers and heavy data users but may not be the best option for normal (or sporadic) data users.

Steps for creating an account

As mentioned earlier, subscribers must have an online account to login to Digicel PNG platform and access the services highlighted in this article. The requirements are a valid Digicel mobile number, active email and visa or master bank card. Digicel PNG accepts several international online payments. This includes the major Visa and Master cards.

So, to create an account follow these steps:

  • Select SIGN UP
  • Follow the prompts and complete the registration form
  • When registration is complete, you’ll be automatically signed in
  • Enter order details
  • Select PAY and CHECK OUT
  • Enter card details
  • Complete the online payment online
  • Receive the confirmation message

Digicel PNG, Telikom PNG and Bmobile – the TELCOs

Digicel PNG is in the telecommunication business since 2007. The company has a strong presence in the country with the vast network coverage. Some people believe that Digicel PNG has over 95% nationwide coverage to date. One of the main strengths of the company!

Digicel PNG marketing strategy

Digicel PNG marketing tactic is strategic. It gives you more in less time. In other words, the more subscribers buy, the more money it makes in less time.

With its marketing dominance, Digicel PNG does not allow its subscribers to make cross-network calls and text messages using its CHEAP call plans. It preserves its internetwork communication.

Whereas, the other telcos do allow their subscribers to call Digicel PNG numbers using their cheap call plans. For example, if you subscribe to a free call using Bmobile Moa Pack plan you can make a cross-network call to a Digicel PNG number from the free call pack. But it does not work the other around.

Telikom PNG product market

Other telecommunications companies (Telcos) are Bmobile and Telikom PNG. The two telcos are state-owned companies.

Recently (early 2019), there was a realignment of functions relating to the 4G network. The government felt that these two telcos have been competing against each other. The change would reduce competition among the..

In fact, the government believed that streamlining network and functions of its telcos would empower the two entities and normalize the mobile call and data competitions among them.


One of the main changes was the transfer of Telikom PNG 4G telecommunication network to Bmobile. This shift also shifted the functions and ability of Telikom PNG to generate revenue from their 4G mobile network.

The change forced Telikom PNG to concentrate on Fixed Line Network, portable mobile network and broadband data services. Though the change took place in good faith, many insiders receive the news with mixed feelings. The employees went on strike. But the strike action did not stop the government from effecting the change in early 2019.

Bmobile network market

The recent understanding is that Bmobile data business runs on different infrastructures, namely the 2G, 3G, H+ and 4G networks.

SIM card users on the, then, PNG Telikom 4G network can still use the cards after the change. And, experience the same speed.

Many of provincial centres in PNG run of 2G data network. This is where the internet speed is very slow. And, Bmobile has difficulty upgrading the smaller provincial centres to a faster network.

The main centres like Lae, Mt Hagen Port Moresby are on the 3G data network. Some parts of Port Moresby are on the H+ network. Where there are 3G or H+ data network, Bmobile subscribers will notice that the internet speed is reasonable.

As mentioned earlier, the 4GLTE network is the data infrastructure handed to Bmobile by the government in early 2019. This is the fastest network infrastructure owned by the government. Formerly operated by Telikom PNG and now run by Bmobile.

Mobile telecommunication deals in PNG

Digicel PNG covers over 95% of PNG. Its network infrastructure is consistent in PNG. Since the company has a larger slice of the PNG market, it can be the easiest choice for new customers.

However, Digicel PNG marketing tactics are strategic – it gives more data, calls and texts in less time and makes more money.

Telikom PNG’s business targets the home users, corporate houses, businesses and government departments. The company focuses on Wireless Broadband and satellite communication services.

Even though Telikom PNG’s did not operate the 4G mobile network, it is still a competitive market force in PNG through its wireless broadband and VSAT facilities.

Bmobile has difficulty expanding its network throughout PNG for a long time. The transfer of the 4G LTE network has given the company an expanded coverage.

However, Bmobile’s main challenge is optimizing their 3G and 4G LTE infrastructures. For example, PNG Telikom rolled out the 3G and 4G network to Yalibu, Pangia and nearby areas – a remote location. People there have faster internet connections and speed.

Bmobile can rollout similar expansions programs (and upgrades) in strategic locations in the country to improve its coverage.

Finally, this article discusses how a new Digicel PNG subscriber can top up credits and pay for data using the different options available to them. The article also gives a brief of the three telcos and their network in PNG.

We present a piece of community information for general use only. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter accounts. For more tips and information like this, click here.

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