PNG Passport Application Form Completion Guide

Many statutory bodies, including the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority (ICSA), demand the need to attach the National Identification (NID) card or the *new* Birth Certificate with the PNG Passport Application Form. There is, however, a real difficulty getting the card or the certificate to produce as evidence of citizenship at present. The delay can frustrate attempts to obtain a new passport too.

I had read the information on the ICSA website regarding passports applications. And, at first, found it confusing especially renewing passport. I assumed that since certain requirements have changed, my old birth certificate was now invalid. I would have to go through the whole process of getting a new birth certificate or NID card if I had not visited the ICSA office.

Fortunately, there is no need or a NID or new birth certificate as I have a passport and wanted to renew it. The passport was the evidence of citizenship. So, I thought I should share my experience to help others wanting to renew their passports.

As implied earlier, while fearing my application was likely to have the wrong attachments (and hence renewal delayed), I made several trips to the ICSA office at Waigani, Port Moresby, to get some answers.

Here is what I found out. Hope it helps…

Q1. When to submit passport for renewal/extension of the expiry date

Submit the completed PNG Passport Application Form 6 months before the due date. For example, for a passport that expires on the 6th of December 2018, the holder should submit their application after the 6th of June 2018.
This is important because those wanting to travel out of the country will have to have at least 6 months validity in their passports (same as travelling into the country).

Q2. What to do to renew an adult passport

  • Passport – You do not need a National Identification card or birth certificate. Your evidence of citizenship is the existing passport. (If you are applying for a new passport, you are required to produce the NID card.)
  • Passport photos – two passport photos must be signed and stamped by a legal/authorised person.
  • Section 13 of the PNG passport application form must be signed and stamped by the legal/authorised person.
  • Write a brief but convincing statement about why your application should be considered favourably.
  • Include the travel details (Section 10) if you have dates and flights booked/planned travel in advance.
  • Processing Fee – pay (see processing fees below) at the PNG Immigration office (not at the Vulipindi/Finance Haus) and attach the receipt.

Processing Fee
Normal processing fee is K100. It takes 15 working days (3 weeks) to process the application. You can pay K300 to fast-track your application. It only takes 2 days to process the application if you pay K200 more.

Q3. What to do to renew a Child passport

  • Passport – same as above
  • Passport photos – same as above
  • Section 13 of the passport application form – same as above
  • Write a brief but convincing statement about why your application should be considered favourably.
  • Include the travel details (Section 10) if you have dates and flights booked/planned travel.
  • Processing Fee – same as above

Additional documents

  • Birth Certificate – attach the child’s birth certificate whether your child is born overseas or in PNG.
  • Parents Passport bio page – attach a copy of both mother and father’s (or legal guardian) passport bio page.
  • Complere Section 9 (parents/legal guardians’ consent) as required.

For the applicants wanting to get a new passport, please refer to the Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority website ( More information and downloadable PNG Passport Application Form can be found here.

Top tip. Make sure you have followed all the instructions on PAGE 1 of the passport application form. If you are still in doubt, take your application to the ICSA office. Cross-check with the staff at the office. Finalise your application properly before submitting.

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  1. Jerome

    Thanks for the infor. My passport expires mid-May 2020 meaning I’m late in renewing it ?

  2. Brian

    If I’m sending application from Australia how do I pay the K100 passport application fee?

  3. Steven

    Hi PNG INSIGHT, thank you, very informative indeed


      Hi Steve, glad you find the post about PNG Passport Application helpful.

  4. Yang Ewan

    Thank you PNG Insight.
    Very helpful info. I agree with the others.

    Also note to readers; Overseas missions (eg. Brisbane Consulate, don’t know about others?) will turn you away if you bring your expired password and documents in for renewal. They will advise you to send it to PNG, which means at your own cost/risk or engage local recommended Visa agent (who will charge you lots of dollars) for the passport for renewal. For renewal, I mean new passport book to be printed. They don’t renew using same passport book. I remember several years PNG High Commission in Canberra will just renew passport with same book, just change of dates and autorisation etc.
    I guess things have have changed economically that offices overseas that support PNG citizens will not assist such a small change of passport renewal even they have the authority to do so or can’t afford to this for PNG Citizens.

    Question here….
    1. If the passport is expired, can I use the same passport book and renew it or I will need a completely new one?
    2. And what are the required documents for renewal or should the expired passport be sufficient as the proof of ID?
    3. If more other IDs required, how many forms of ID?



      Hi Yang, good to get great responses like this…
      As for your questions:
      1. You can ask for an extension on on the expiry date on the old passport at any PNG High Commission oversea. What they’ll do is create a new bio-page and make an extensions of the expiry date using your old passport.
      However, in PNG you may have to get a new passport book.

      2. The required documents are the same ones mentioned above. The important two are passport and signed passport photo.

      3. If you are applying for extension of due date, contact the PNG High Commission for more help. Usually their staff are helpfull or check their websites

  5. Frank

    Very helpful indeed.


      I’m glad you find it useful. That’s the aim of this post and other posts on PNG Insight.

  6. Joy Ssgati

    Awesome thanks for this clarification.
    Definitely helps.

    1. PNG Insight

      Hi Joy, I am glad it helps.

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