PNG Grade 10 Exam Result and 2023 Grade 11 Selection

2022 Grade 10 Exam Result and Selection: The important stakeholders involved in the selection of Grade 10 students to Grade 11 are the Education Department (Measurement Services Division & General Education Services Division) and secondary or national high school principals and provincial reps.

This post discusses the timeline for the release of the Grade 10 exam results and the Grade 11 selection listing. The link to the Grade 10 online result is given below.

October national examinations

Grade 10 students sit the national examinations in October every year. The week after the examinations a group of selected Grade 10 teachers marks the students’ exam scripts in each province. They, then, record the students’ marks.

The provincial examinations supervisors (PESs) are the exam coordinators in the provinces. They send the Grade 10 results to the National Education Department in Port Moresby.

November data checks and release of PNG Grade 10 exam result

Around the month of November the Education Department, through the Measurement Services Division (MSD), would have checked the data/marks of Grade 10 students.

The checking and cleansing of data usually take place before the Grade 11 selection. The verifying of students’ details and data is an important function of MSD. The activity is time-bound. MSD/NDoE does it promptly.

MSD releases the results of Grades 8, 10 and 12 after data checks and data cleansing are completed.

You can find out about the latest on Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results 2022, here

December Grade 11 selection

Two parties are involved in the selection process: General Education Services (GES) of the Education Department and principals or provincial reps.

In particular, MSD processes the Grade 10 examination results and makes them available online. And, releases it to the GES and principals for Grade 11 selections.

Read on to find out more about the PNG Grade 10 Exam results and Grade 11 selections timeline.

2023 Grade 11 selection hints

The spaces at secondary and national high schools are limited to the class sizes and the number of classes. Hence, the students’ selections depend on space. Also, the selection hinges on a student’s performance in Grade 10 national examinations.

It is perhaps important to note that other factors also determine the chance of selecting a Grade 11 student for a school. Some of the influential factors are listed below:

  • Continuing Grade 10 students to Grade 11 in the same school
  • Performed exceptionally well in Grade 10 examinations
  • Parents and guardians wrote to the school principals indicating their reason/s for wanting to enrol their children to grade 11 in a particular school
  • Special changes of circumstances (e.g. family reasons, job transfer, etc.) may allow for the principals to select students to continue Grade 11 at their schools
  • Students preferences on the School Leavers Forms (SLF)

2022 Grade 10 Exam result

The launching of online exam results happens after the checking and cleansing of the examination data. In hindsight, the Grade 10 exam results make it easy for students, parents and guardians to access the results at their convenience.

2022 Grade 10 exam results Grade 11 selections 2023


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Release 2023 Grade 11 selection list

In hindsight, the MSD/NDoE puts a lot of work into getting the data (exam results) ready on time for General Education Services (GES) and principals to use in the Grade 11 selections. The Grade 10 results used in the selections are also made available online for parents, guardians and students to see.

The GES of the Education department works with the selectors (principals) during the Grade 11 selection. The selection can take up to a week or two. When the selection is complete, GES publishes the Grade 11 selection list on the department’s website.

2023 Grade 11 selections
Gr 11 selection conference at Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby

Meanwhile, students, parents and communities will have to wait for the official announcement (and publication) on the Education Department website.

This website does not publish the Grade 11 selection list.

An article titled Grade 11 Selection Info & Updates provides more details. So, check out how to identify the students’ names on Grade 11 selected listing through the link provided.

PNG Grade 10 Exam Results 2022 and 2023 Grade 11 selection list

The Grade 10 exam results will be available to principals for Grade 11 selections on the FIRST to the SECOND WEEK of December every year.

Normally, it takes about a week or two to do the selection. That means that the students, parents and stakeholders will expect the list of names to be available to them around the THIRD WEEK of December if all goes according to plan.

This year’s selection dates are here

To put it in perspective, the overall timeline (which may not be the same year-on-year) is as follows:

  • Grade 10 examinations (early to mid-October)
  • Exams marking (late October)
  • Grade 10 results from the provinces arrive at the Education Department in Port Moresby (early November)
  • Data Checks and cleansing (mid to late November)
  • Publishing of Grade 10 Exam results (late November to early December)
  • Release of Grade 11 selection listing (mid-December)

3 months to complete exam process

There you have it. It takes 3 months to complete the following examination process:

  • taking the Grade 10 examinations,
  • marking of exams, cleaning of data,
  • launching of results and
  • finalising the Grade 11 selection.

The key divisions are MSD and GES of the Education Department, Principals and provincial reps. They play an active role in producing PNG Grade 10 Exam Results and the selection of Grade 11 students in the country.

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