Namibia Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture said the NSSCO Grade 11 Results 2023 will come out early in January 2024 if all goes to plan. Here are the Namibia Grade 11 NSSCO Results past release dates and all you need to know as you anticipate the results for 2023.

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Latest update: We can now confirm that the Results will be available from Friday 30 December at 12:15pm in the afternoon. Find out here.

Namibia Grade 11 Results 2023 Highlights

  • 2023 exams are better than last year’s as there are no major incidences or leakage of exam papers.
  • Grade 11 results 2023 for Namibia Schools will come out early in January 2024.
  • According to the latest data, there are a total of 99,631 students registered for the 2022/2023 exams of which 51, 958 are full-time pupils in mainstream schools. These students are directly affected by exam paper leakages.
  • Several subjects in the NSSC Ordinary Level Grade 12 (5 subjects) and the Revised Curriculum Ordinary Level Grade 11 (11 subjects) were affected by the leakage of exam papers in 2021.
  • NSSCO (new) and NSSCAS (new) results will be released on dates will be announced by MoEAC.
  • Candidates will rewrite exams in January 2023. Schools and local education authorities to facilitate the rewrite in collaboration with the education ministry.

Grade 11 results release date 2023 – 2024

Many of our visitors are asking when is Grade 11 results release dates for Namibia NSSCO? The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) and the Directorate of Examinations and Assessments (DoEA) did not give a clear date. 

But, MoEAC mention that they will make an announcement early in January 2024 in a press statement in November 2023.

Grade 11 Results 2023 PDF Namibia
My Online results (

My Online results ( Past Results release dates

To give you an idea about the Grade 11 Results Release Dates 2024. We’ve searched the MoEAC Facebook archive for the dates and here are the release dates for the past Grade 11 and Grade 12 provisional results:
         Year – Results release date
  • 2022 – 30th December 2022
  • 2021 – 18th of February 2022
  • 2020 – 05th February 2021
  • 2019 – *NA
  • 2018 – 11th January 2019
  • 2017 – 21st December 2017
* not available as we cannot find the date during the search.
Grade 11 result release dates 2023 - 2024 namibia

Nambia Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture 2023/2024 updates

By checking out the dates for the past Grade 11 and Grade 12 results, you can confirm that the Grade 11 Results 2023 results will come out early in January. 

Importantly, you must check the MoEAC website and Facebook page for the announcement of the exam results release date. You can also check back here for the latest updates as soon as we know we’ll post it here.

Namibia Grade 11 Results PDF download

Namibia Grade 11 results 2023 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO, new) can be viewed from the links below or by mobile phone text messaging (SMS). See below for more information – or check these articles as they have more details:

Key Facts about Namibia NSSCO Results 2023

  • The Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture conduct the annual Grade 12 exams.
  • Grade 12 students are certified in two categories: the Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO) or Senior Secondary Certificate Higher (NSSCH) Levels.
  • Grades 12 students sat for the examinations in October every year.
  • Results are out for checking before the new school year starts. 
  • The 12  Grade Results for 2023 Ordinary and Higher Levels can be accessed in two ways: either by text message or on the Internet (online results).
Grade 12 Results 2023 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO, new) and Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSSCAS, new)
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How Do I Check My Online Results 2023

You can check your results through the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and the Directorate of National Examinations and Assessment (DNEA) websites.
Before publishing the exam results, the MoEAC usually does a press conference about the result release date and what you can do to access the results.
The examination results for grade 12 (Ordinary and Higher Levels) can be obtained using the online result web application called MY RESULTS ONLINE.
2023 Grade 11 my online RESULT CHECK
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In fact, accessing the Grade 12 Results 2023 for Ordinary and Higher certificate examinations is easier (and quicker) for students and parents/guardians with internet connections. And, accessing results by SMS is also quicker – see below for more info.

Firstly, follow these steps for easy access to online results:

  • Launch My Results Online web application on the Namibia Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. 
  • Open on a new browser.
  • Follow the example shown in the screenshot shown. (Important: If you have difficulty with login, contact the ministry reps directly for assistance).

How to Check 2023 Grade 11 Results Namibia

you can access the examination results for grade 11 via SMS or text messaging. There are two formats for using short text messaging services: either by name or examination number.
If you use the SMS service, your surname, name and results will be displayed on your screen.

SMS using ‘name’:

  • Go message tab on your phone,
  • Type your: ExamLevel*space*Surname*Space*FirstName
  • Send to 2929, 99099 or 55755 

Example of NSSC Ordinary Level result for  student Mary Joe: NSSCO Joe Mary

SMS using ‘examination number’:

  • Go to the message tab on your phone, 
  • Type your: ExamLevel*Space*examination number
  • Send to 2929, 99099 or 55755 
Example for Ordinary Level results for student M04002: NSSCO M04001

2023 Grade 11 My Online Results link

There is one reliable website where you can access the results for senior school certificate results for the 2023 Grade 12 Ordinary and Grade 12 higher levels. 
Check My Result Online via this link