Grade 11 Selection list – update and info

The Grade 11 selection list PDF files are usually made available online by the National Department of Education every year. As usual, the list of Grade 11 selected students is arranged according to the regions and schools.
An example of Grade 11 selection to secondary and national high schools is shown in the image. The final list for this year, 2020, will be made available here via the weblink below soon.

So, bookmark this webpage (2020 Grade 11 Selection List NOW OUT). From the past selections, the lists are often finalised around November and published in December on the Education Department website.

2020 Selection will be available soon

Who Does the Grade 11 Selections

The Grade 11 selections for every secondary and national high school in the country is done by the school principal. In practice, the school principals would meet annually in Port Moresby and select the students based upon their school leavers choices and marks.

When the school principals have selected the students, they pass the list to the General Education Services (GES) Division of the National Department of Education. GES then publishes the list of Grade 10 Students selected to Grade 11.

As mentioned earlier, GES publishes the selection list for Grade 11 in PDF. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to find the student’s name on the PDF document. The prints are very small.

To help you to identify your name easily, read on…

Grade 11 selection list

Parents, guardians and relevant stakeholders can download the files and check for their children’s names. One problem you may face is that it can be quite difficult to identify the names of the student.

Here is a quicker way to search for the new grade 11 students’ names on the PDF selection list:

Download the right regional file

The recent Grade 11 selection list is available online at the NDOE (National Department of Education) website. There, you’ll find both the secondary and National High schools selection list. The link provided above.

Use the PDF search bar

It can take a long time locating a student’s name among the thousands of students. To make it easy, type the name of the student in the search bar and click search. If the name is on the selection list, it will appear in a matter of seconds. Fast.

Confirm the name and school

It is important to make sure the selected student from the feeder school goes to the right upper secondary school. You can do that by cross-check the selection list or confirm with the school admin.

Grade 11 students things to do before the school year starts

Confirm your name with the school list. Important.

This is an ideal time to correct any spelling error or misunderstanding. If it means calling the school, the new Grade 11 student and parents may have to do that before school starts. Iron out any misunderstanding you may have as the key stakeholder.

Visit the school

Many town schools are day-schools but it is better to visit your school before the new academic year starts. Visiting the schools is vital as parents and you may meet the teachers and school admin, and get information prior to starting school.

Prepare for the academic year

You will need new clothes, uniforms and shoes before p classes commence. But above all, it is a must to have biros, ruler, bag and calculator (for use in maths lessons). Buy things you’ll need and can think of.

You can collect materials and other things at a later time when you have settled into school.

Prepare your mind

Education is becoming very competitive. If you’re a Grade 11 selected student you must start early by preparing your mind. Set target for the national grade 12 exams and work towards it.

One thing I must add here – read a lot of books.

  • Read as many books as you can.
  • Read out loud. Read in silence.
  • Read books.
  • Read.

Do the extra

The student’s whose names are on the Grade 11 selection list are celebrating. You can celebrate in style too. Do some charity work. Or be a good Samaritan. Do good works in secret and unintentionally. The good you do now will come back to you in amazing ways. Tenfold.

Hope you have a good and fulfilling year.

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  1. The Grade 11 Selection List for National High and Secondary Schools in the country was published. It took 12 days from the time for selection to finalise the complete listing and published it online. Check out the direct link at the top of this article.
    Thank you

  2. It takes too long for the GES team to publish the 2020 grade 11 list – what’s the delay, can anyone from the GES come out and at least clear the air.
    Thank you
    Concerned Parent

  3. I am a parent and would like to know whether the Selection List for Grade 11 is out for year 2020. We have been following up since early December and advise showing was List was to be out this week. My husband and I are wanting to know our sons result therefore please give us an update as to when exactly this List will be available for viewing.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Ragina

    • Hi Regina,
      There is an increase in anticipation for the Gr 11 selection listing to be out. The onus is now on GES education department to publish the list.

      We do not know when it will come out.

      It is up to GES and education department to let the public know.

      This website only acts as a proxy and informs its visitors of the news and publications made available online.

  4. I am a parent. I am really happy that the National Department of Education and Measurement Services Division MSD for successfully making online results for the Grades 8,10&12 available free of charge. This gives us parents the advantage to know our child’s status in advance rather than asking officer’s on the streets.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you PNG Insight for the great work you are doing. Just want to have some clarification on the results of grade 10. Are the results given online inclusive of both internal and external, or just the exams (external)??
    Please, kindly advise.

    Cheers Iru

  6. Hi PNG Insight,
    Can I be clarified on the results summary of the Grade 12 results? I am quite confused or should I say how do I interpret the result summary (especially the tertiary entry rank and etc ) that is given at the bottom part of the result.

    Regards Iru

  7. Hi
    kindly advice when the selection of 2020 Grade 12 will be published

    Kindly await on your prompt reply



  8. Hi,

    Kindly advise if the Grade 11 Selection for 2020 has been finalised and published for viewing? The online result doesn’t allow everyone to view the list. Please post it on net so according to each regions with pdf attachments so we can download and confirm.

    Thanks a lot and I kindly await your prompt reply.

  9. Hello, please you post gulf province Gr 11 selection list for 2020.There’s no information about grade 11 selection list online. Thankyou.

  10. I’ve read all the responses from PNG Insight. It seems the list is not out atm. PLEASE, as soon as the Grade 11 selection lists are completed and published online do email me on my email,
    Grade 11selection,
    Ecom Secondary School.
    Manus Province.

  11. Please kindly advice when the Grade 11 selection list for 2020 will be uploaded for viewing especially for Koiari Park Adventist School?

  12. Hey, the results will be released on the 9th of December 2019. Usually, DHERST online selection is fast. The exact time would be released to you by DHERST. We can reliably say around mid-December.

  13. Please would you kindly provide results website link for Marianville Secondary School for grade 11 2020 so we parents can prepare in advance. Thank you very much

  14. Please provide the results for 2020 grade 11 and online 12 selection earlier so that parents can prepare in advance for our kids. Do not delay please.

  15. Hi, the school principals and reps are in POM this week to do the selection. May take a week to finalize the Gr 11 selection list for 2020.

  16. How can I obtained SLF for my daughter currently sat for her grade 10 exam and advice me on the selection for 2020.
    Appreciate for your time.

  17. Hi Lucian, check around the mid December. Selection for Grade 11 will be done on the first week of December by your school principal. And, the list for Grade 11 2020 selection will be available on Education Department website after the selection is complete.

    • Hello Morea, the list will be available after the principals and GES have made the selection.
      Meanwhile, ask your principal or DP if they have done the selection or when it is going to be done.

      This blog understands that selection was completed on the 13th Dec 2019. But, we do not know when the final listing will be made available to the public..

      We’ll let you know.


  18. Please I would like to know the 2020 Grades 10 & 12 selection lists for these schools:
    * Mogol Secondary
    * Mendi Day Secondary
    * Kondopina High
    Kindly, notify/inbox me in this email address ( when the lists become available.

    Many thanks.

    • Hi
      I have been trying to login into mypngexamresults website to access both of my daughters’ grade 10 & 12 results since yesterday afternoon. However to no avail. Please I need your expertise in this area so I be at ease to access their results. And please advise me accordingly as I may not have been doing the right thing.


      • Hi Pauline, it is hard when the order of names, and sequence of login digits are not done properly.

        Try this:
        Clear the cache on your web browser.
        Carefully, follow the default instruction on the login page and try again.