2023 Grade 9 Selection List High/Secondary Schools

The Grade 9 selection is based on the student’s internal marks (school-based) and external marks (Grade 8 examination marks). Grade 8 Students must do well in both internal and external assessments for their names to appear on the 2023 Grade 9 Selection List.

Grade 9 Selection List Key Info

Grade 9 selectionsDone in the provincesRelated Info
Who does the selections?Provincial Education officers, Selection Committee in collaboration with head teachersHow to Check Grade 10 & 12 Exam results
How can parents find out?Check the provincial education office notice boardGrade 11 Selection Info for parents and students.
Provincial ContactsPES, Guidance Officers, Inspectors, Chairman of Grade 9 selection committeePNG Schools Data
Grade 8 Examination CertificateAn important Award, must be awarded to every Grade 9 student.Grade 8 Selection for Grade 9

It is important to understand that, though the Grade 8 examination is set by the National Department of Education in Port Moresby, the Grade 8 examinations and Grade 9 selection is decentralised to the provinces in the country. Hence, the running of the exam and selecting students to Grade 9 is done in the provinces, by the provincial education board, in collaboration with heads of Primary Schools.

You can also check out the latest info on Grade 11 Selection here.

2023 Grade 9 Selections List & Provincial Education Board

The education officers, in collaboration with headteachers and Grade 8 teachers, in the provinces are in charge of:

  • exam security,
  • conducting and marking the exams,
  • quality-checking the Grade 8 exam results,
  • selecting students to Grade 9, and
  • reporting to the Education Department.

Provincial Examination Supervisor (Grade 8 PES)

The key person in the province responsible for the smooth flow of the Grade 8 examinations is the Provincial Examination Supervisor (PES). The Grade 8 PES is a national education officer, among the other national officers like the Inspectors and Guidance Officers who are based in the provinces.

The PES liaises with the Measurement Services Division on matters pertaining to

  • exams,
  • students’ school data,
  • conducting exams,
  • reporting on exams and
  • gives feedback on exam-related issues.

Grade 8 Examinations in Primary Schools

The following examinations are taken by Grade 8 students at the end of Primary School:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Subjects

Each subject is out of 50 marks. Check out the collection of Grade 8 mathematics examination papers here.

Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE)

Every Grade 9 student in the country should have a Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE). Many provinces have failed to issue the CoBEE. If you are a parent/student from one of these provinces, demand that your children get the certificate. It is an important achievement.

Some people thought that CoBEE was not necessary because of its limited uses. However, wouldn’t it be right for the Grade 8 students to celebrate 8 years of Primary School education with an award?

Like the other certificates of merit, the Grade 8 certificate marks a milestone in a child’s education journey. Each province, and provincial education board in the country, should prioritise this award and issue the certificate to Grade 8 school leavers.

Grade 9 Selection List for Secondary Schools 2023

Potential Grade 9 students can check their Grade 8 exam results at the provincial education office. Usually, the PES and Headteachers have access to the final results.

Parents should go through the schools/headteachers if they want to address any exam-related queries. The schools will raise their concern with PES and get an answer for them.

As mentioned earlier, PES is the key person in the province. He is the ‘glue’ that binds the Grade 8 exam results and Grade 9 selection – the go-to person – in the provinces.

New Grade 9 Students’ Placement for 2023

In some instances, many secondary schools and high schools have feeder schools. The system allows for Grade 8 students to transition to Grade 9. Such transition (the Grade 8 to Grade 9 transition) makes it easier for parents to find out if their children have continued to Grade 9, or not.

Some top high and secondary school principals prefer the best Grade 8 students in the province. If you know that your child does well in the Grade 8 examination (and is not selected for the local high school), check with the top secondary schools in the province. The schools may have picked him/her.

Parents and citizens in NCD, Central, Morobe and other main centres will have difficulty finding out their children’s Grade 9 placement for 2023. The best place to check is the provincial education office. Ask for the Grade 8 PES or the chairperson of the Provincial Grade 9 Selection Committee and speak to them calmly. They will help you.

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