How to Ask for Grade 12 Results Re-check: Your Key to Accuracy

Grade 12 exam results are important for students in Papua New Guinea. They decide which university or college a student can attend. Sometimes, mistakes happen, and the marks are not correct. This article explains how parents, students, and school principals can check the marks and ensure they are correct. This check (Grade 12 Results Re-check) can be an important action.

Why Grade 12 Results Re-checking and Re-marking

Despite the checks in place, the manual handling of data and entry into the MSD database can lead to errors. Parents, students, and school principals have the right to request a re-check or re-marking if they have concerns about the accuracy of a student’s grades. These options are crucial as they can significantly impact a student’s selection to universities and colleges.

MSD maintains a repository of marked exam papers (marked scripts) for every Grade 12 student from secondary and national schools of excellence. This valuable service can be used for re-checking, querying marks, and addressing concerns or complaints. However, many schools, principals, students, and parents are unaware of this service.

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Requesting Re-checking or Re-marking

Re-checking involves checking both internal (school-based) assessment marks and external (exam marks) to validate the final grades. Re-marking allows schools, principals, or parents to review the student’s scripts that are held with MSD in Port Moresby and final marks to ensure accuracy.

  • Initiate the Process: Parents or guardians should contact the school administration, including the principal, deputy principal,  and the provincial education officers (guidance officer, inspector, or Grade 12 Provincial Examinations Supervisor).
  • Seek Consensus: If there’s a consensus for re-checking or re-marking, the Grade 12 PEO or guidance officer can provide MSD’s contact information.
  • Submit a Formal Request: A formal letter requesting re-checking or re-marking should be submitted to MSD through your school principal or guidance officer. You can also take it upon yourself to submit a request for re-checking your Grade 12 exam marks.

Please note that Provincial Examination Officers (PEOs) are school teachers with full-time duties beyond examinations. They are not full-time national education department officers in the provinces. Ask them to primarily provide the latest contact details for the Measurement Services Division (MSD).

For assistance with re-checking or re-marking, please seek guidance from national education department officers in the provinces, such as Guidance Officers and Inspectors, or school administrators. Alternatively, you can contact the MSD directly to initiate the process.

Proactive Measures for Resolution

  • Engage with School Leadership: Engage with school leadership as they have a better understanding of the students and can guide the best course of action.
  • Assist in Drafting a Request: The principal, deputy principal, and guidance officer can assist in drafting a formal request to MSD if a review is favoured.
  • Follow Up with MSD: Parents, Provincial education officers and principals should actively follow up with MSD on the status of the request.
  • Maintain Records: Maintain records of conversations and contact MSD in Port Moresby directly to expedite the resolution.

Start the re-checking or re-marking process as soon as you get the Grade 12 exam results. This is the best time to do it because the exam papers, marksheets, and data are available, and the education officers actively review and finalise the results. If no action is taken on your request, immediately inform the MSD that you have filed a complaint. This prompt action will encourage the MSD to speed up the process and correct any irregularities in the grading system.


Ensuring Grade 12 result accuracy is crucial for personal and societal development. MSD’s re-checking and re-marking services provide a mechanism to address potential errors. By using this valuable service, parents, guardians, and educators can work together to rectify errors in marking and data entry.

Contact the school’s leadership for guidance. Seek help from the provincial examinations supervisors. Request a re-check or re-marking through the guidance officer. Follow up with MSD for updates. Timely action can significantly impact a student’s future.

Important Notice:

The Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the Education Department has the duty to re-check Grade 12 exam results and re-mark the exam script on request. This service is available to parents, students, and schools. You can utilise this service to ensure the accuracy of your exam results and grades awarded to you.

For more information and to initiate the re-checking or re-marking process, please contact your provincial education officers and MSD.


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