How to Start a Personal Blog Student’s Tips

How to Start a Personal Blog Student’s Tips

The series on how to start a personal blog is an attempt to inspire students to use the power of the Internet to create opportunities for themselves. It is about channelling the time, effort and resource to prepare for life after school.

The series is a compilation of blogging tips and ideas. You’ll find out about

  • how to start a free blog,
  • using the free Google online tools to optimise a new blog,
  • the 5 inspirational PNG websites/blogs,
  • an inspirational YouTube Channel made by Papua New Guineans, and
  • how to develop your potential, early.

Benefits of blogging for students

Blogging is a great platform to be a creative and responsible citizen and contribute meaningfully to the areas you are passionate about. The benefits for students are numerous. It can improve student’s writing, reading and other transferable skills.

If you have an interested in something and are passionate about it, why not blog it. Writing about your passion will help you learn new things. This is the power of writing.

In fact, using the Internet to display your work to an audience is a good way to challenge yourself and grow your potential.  This may sound ridiculous to some, but it is a satisfying experience. Hence, the aim of this series of posts – how to start a personal blog and grow your potential.

The students’ focus must shift from getting the Grade 12 certificates or university degrees (and finding jobs) to using the technological privileges available today to create opportunities for yourself. When you leave school, you can develop your work further.

This blog is an example of posts that I’ve written since 2014 on Google’s free blogging platform, BlogSpot. I polished and compiled the series.

I converted the collection into a PDF document and made it available online. Download it for FREE.


The challenge presented here to students at universities and secondary schools is to identify their passion early. Develop it into something that is beneficial to others. And, make it count. The more people like your work, the more interest your work will generate.

There are PNG examples in this series that will inspire you.


The opportunities available today are many especially in the era of the Internet, social media, mobile smartphones and laptops. Opportunities included the online reading books, writing and publication of stories, creating blogs and YouTube videos…etc. The list is endless.

One day you could be a global children’s writer, artist, film director, fashion stylist, publicist or anyone the world wants a piece of. There are a lot of potentials needed developing. The sparks must start, now, when you are at school.

Put any wasted time into good use and set yourself up for life after school.

Start at school

Perhaps, it is important to start at an early age. If you make a start when you are a student, the blog you develop will mature at the end of your academic life.

Imagine where you would be in 10 years time. Obviously, get a job. Work for the government or someone else. Go back home. But, creating something that you call yours is the *one thing* that is yours for the rest of your life. No one will take it away from you.

Create opportunities

The Internet and technology bring lots of opportunities. However, utilising the power of the Internet may not be ideal for many students because of the lack of access to the Internet and mobile devices.

The prerequisites (tools) for creating developing you potentials are listed below. If you have the first three, you can take advantage of the opportunities available. The rest boils down to you to make it happen.

The tools you need are:

  • Smartphone/laptop
  • Access to the Internet
  • Social Media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter…)
  • Creativity
  • Will-power
  • Persistence

Three powerful ways to optimise your potential

Here are three powerful ways to bring out the best in you. Start now and position yourself strategically to win after leaving school.

1. Read

You cannot go wrong with reading. Picking up a book could be the hard part. Especially students using English as a second or third language, starting a healthy reading habit is the hardest part. When you realise the power of reading, you would not want to put it down a good book.

Reading is where the adventure starts for you.

2. Write

One way to showcase your creativity is through writing. Writing is a skill not many people develop early. It takes time and effort to stitch together sentences, paragraphs and articles. Like many things, developing writing skill needs practice.

Use Social Media and free blogs and be creative with your writing. Avoid slang. Write in full sentences.

Write about things you are *passionate* about. Your passion will bring the best out of you. You’ll enjoy every moment of writing for a long time. Your first true writing will not be the final. You’ll go on and create amazing and inspiring work.

If you are an established writer, check out how to harness the power of WordPress and showcase your work.

3. Build Penny Box

Making money by blogging or creating YouTube videos is the *result* of lots of creativity, persistence and hard work. Building such *penny boxes* online takes months and years of work.

If you can channel your effort to yourself while you are at secondary school or university (and perfecting the skill at doing it), you’ll go on to becoming a successful person.

There are examples of PNG online ventures in this series. If they can do it, you can do in too.

Kill two birds with one stone

The common adage ‘kill two birds with one stone’ applies here. Do something to develop your life-skills and turn it into a money-making venture. Some examples of making money on the Internet while you are at the school include the following:

  • Blogging (develop your writing skills)
  • Maths or English Tuition (develop your numeracy and literacy skills)
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion agents (develop your social media skills and put the time you spend on social media to something useful)
  • Website/WordPress developer (develop your creativity)
  • YouTuber (create trending and viral YouTube clips)

The list is not exhaustive. It presents options to explore further and find a *niche* that is ideal for you.

Start now

The Internet penetration in Papua New Guinea is better than it was 10 years ago. Some tech insiders believe that the mobile coverage in Papua New Guinea for both Bmobile/Telkom PNG and Digicel, combined, is over 95%.

Recent talks of building a high-speed broadband facility in and around Papua New Guinea is promising. So when can young Papua New Guineans take ownership of such developments? The answer is simple – get on the bandwagon now or get left behind.

If you (secondary or uni student) don’t do it now, someone else will do it. Start now while the Internet market in Papua New Guinea is unsaturated.

Only you can prepare yourself for life after school. Read. Write. Grow your potential. Learn how to make money. Do the basics early and position yourself strategically to thrive after school.


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