IBS University Online Application and Course Information

IBS University and IBS College of TVET offer certificate, diploma and degree courses at its Saraga (6 miles) campus and Eriama (12-mile) campus. More course details for the IBS College of TVET and Career Development training are given below.

First, here is a quick listing of programs offered at IBS University’s 12-mile campus.

IBS University Courses, 12 Mile Port Moresby

IBSU had three faculties or schools offering four-degree programs:

  • School of Business (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance)
  • School of Accounting and Finance (Bachelor of Business and Management; and Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies)
  • School of Information Technology (Bachelor of Information Technology)


The institution also offers other degree programs through its affiliation with the University of Southern Cross. It cost over K24,000 to enrol on one of the programs through this affiliation with the SCU.

The programs offered through SCU are the Bachelor of:

  • Business Major in Accounting (School of Business)
  • Business Major in Management (School of Business)
  • Information Technology Major in User Experience (School of I.T.)

IBS College of TVET Courses, 6 Mile Port Moresby

The IBS college of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) at 6 mile offers certificate and diploma courses for Grades 10 and 12 students wanting to pursue studies in business and accounting.

The college’s education and training focus on providing primary knowledge and skills for employment in areas of Accounting, Business, and ICT and Computing.

The IBS college serves as a pathway to the IBS University diploma and degree courses offered at their Eriama 12-mile campus.

IBS University created a diploma pathway for its certificate courses. And has affiliated with the Southern Cross University in Australia to further its Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Certificate Programs Information for grade 10 and 12 students

There three certificate programs offered at IBS College of TVET. Each (of the three) certificate programs is classified as Certificate 3 and Certificate 4. That means that if you are a Grade 10 or 12 students, you’ll have to start with certificate 3, then do certificate 4.

After completing the certificate programs, you can move on to the diploma courses at the IBS university, IBS College or the Southern Cross Univesity.

The 3 certificate programs are:

1. Accounting
Certificate in Accounting 3
Certificate in Accounting 4

2. Qualification in Business
Certificate in Business 3
Certificate in Business 4

3. Information Technology
Certificate in Information Technology 3
Certificate in Information Technology 4

IBS College of TVET Career Development Training

The IBS college takes the initiative to provide on the job training for its students. Here is what the college said about Career Development and Training:

‘IBS College of TVET offers Career Development Trainings programmes for the students who are looking for further practical exposure to be work-ready.
These programmes are focused on Certificate 3 and 4 graduates from IBS or any other institutions who would like to enhance their skills prior to joining new employment.
Our trainees are trained on essential skills that are required in their related field and IBS Team will guide them up to the interview process of potential employers.
IBS College of TVET Certificate 3 and 4 students are entitled to receive a special discount on Career Development Programmes offered by IBS College of TVET.’ (IBS College Website)

How to Apply – IBS University & IBS College of TVET

Potential students can apply either online or by filling in the IBS Application Form. Here are important information to consider before (and when) filling the IBS Application Form:

  • Soft or hard copy of your certificate: If you are applying online, you will be required to upload the soft copy as an attachment.
  • Photo ID: can be driver’s license, passport, National ID with a file size less than 1 MB.
  • Supporting ID such as old school ID, pastors reference letter with a file size less than 1 MB

The online application does not require applicants to create an online account. Applicants have to complete an opened application and submit their personal details and supporting documents.

That means that applicants must have all the requirements available at the time of completing the application form; so that all details are captured and sent online at the same time.

However, the best way to apply if you are in Port Moresby is to complete and manual application form and submit it yourself, either at IBS University or IBS College of TVET.

Note: this is a piece of general information for students wanting to study accounting, business studies or ICT and computing at IBS University, IBS College of TVET or their affiliate university USC.

Contact the institutions directly for more information on application and courses.

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