International Forest Day: Why it is important for PNG

The International Forest Day is the 21st of March. Papua New Guinea should know that there is a need to look after our forested areas.

The theme for 2022 was “Forests and sustainable production and consumption.” and 2021 was – “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and wellbeing”.

To celebrate International Forest Day, we collected 10 facts shared on Twitter about the importance of forest conservation, or in cases of deforestation and logging, forest restoration.

We believe we should all be aware of the damages logging can do, and appreciate what the forest areas mean to us as Papua New Guineans:

1. Forests absorb greenhouse gases

Forests absorb nearly 1/3 of all CO2 [carbon dioxide gas] released from burning fossil fuels every year. Forest restoration could remove another 26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. @FAOForestry

2. Logging companies destroy forests

Logging companies take away forests with the promise of development that never comes.” But @UNDPinPNG has a better way to support communities that Protect Forests (UNDP IN PNG)

3. International Forest Day is on the 21st of March

The International Forest Day is on the 21st of March every year. Logging companies in PNG have destroyed forests, rivers and habitats in many coastal areas. Worst in parts of the New Guinea Islands. It’s time PNG observe the #IntlForestDay as a matter of national importance.

4. People are dependent on the forest for survival

“Forestry is not about trees, it is about people. And it is about trees only insofar as trees can serve the needs of people.” – Westoby, 1967

5. Foundation of life and community

Forests are the essential backbone of well-being for us and #ForNature as a whole… Without them, mankind wouldn’t even exist.” Director for Sustainability Solutions Mari Pantsar

6. Forests are the lungs of the earth

They host 75% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity this, therefore, means that millions of people, plants and animals are dependent on the future of forests which are under a constant threat of deforestation and global warming.

7. Tackle Climate Change & biodiversity loss

Expanding our forests is one of the most efficient ways to tackle Climate Change & biodiversity loss. @UNDPClimate

8. Biodiversity as a tourist attraction

“The main tourist attraction is the massive biodiversity of birds, plants, fish, reefs and coral. Although large-scale mass tourism may threaten the delicate eco-systems here, and so needs to be controlled and managed, our resort alone provides employment for more than 75 families, as well as livelihoods for more than 50 resource owner groups.” (UNDP)

9. Forest, medicines and healing

Long ago, it [the sap from the birch tree] was even used as a mouthwash. Not only that, it was used to cure spots and fade freckles! The bark can be used to make an anaesthetic and is also antiseptic too. Forestry England

10. Forests and sustainable investments

“Forests and trees are our most precious green infrastructure. We need a new economic model that properly values forests and stimulates investment in landscapes and sustainable growth.” @CIFOR

Forests are lungs of the Earth.

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