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LSAT Prep: This article provides an overview of the LSAT Free Prep Course and useful resources for test-takers. Students who are planning to take the admission test will find the tips and resource guides here useful. We conducted an analysis of online responses from the past test-takers and test administrators to give you the best insight into the test.

Note: If you are here to find the best LSAT free prep course and test resources, check out the recommendation at end of this article. We collected the top 5 links that will help you when preparing for your LSAT.

What is LSAT?

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an entry test for students intending to study Law in the United States and Canada. It is run by the Law School Admission Council.

There are two parts to the admission test: Multiple-choice Questions and Written Essays. Each test is taken separately.

Importance of LSAT

LSAT is widely accepted by Law Schools in the US and Canada. Here is what the LSAC say about the law school admission test:

The LSAT is the only test accepted by all ABA-accredited law schools, and it is the only test that helps candidates determine if law school is right for them. Some law schools will accept tests other than the LSAT for admission; however, students who want to maximize their chances for admission and to be best prepared for law school are advised to take the LSAT. [Source: LSAC website, 19/08/2021]

The admission test is online-based. The test-takers can do both the Multiple-choice Questions and Written Essays online. This includes registering, getting assistance, and contacting the council. All online. Students from anywhere in the World wanting to study Law in the US must do this admission test.

2021 LSAT Cost in US Dollars

There are basic fees and axillary fees. The basic fees are compulsory. This includes the:

  • Admission Test Fee ($200),
  • Credibility Assembly Fee ($195 account active for 5 years) and
  • Law School Report Fee ($45).
  • Additional fees apply for changing the Test Date and previewing the test score. The latter only applies to first-time test takers.

Get the latest info on Fees and Charges, ISAC site

LSAT Dates 2021: When does LSAT take place?

The test takes place every two months, up to as many as 8 times in 12 months. The study schedule could be a bit tighter but there is a chance to pick an LSAT that is best for you. Test takers can register for the test in the US or Canada, or anywhere in the World.

Below are the regions where intending test-takers can register. Note that the test dates for each region are different. Follow the link below to check your region’s LSAT dates.

  • United States (Including Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada
  • Europe, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Asia and South Pacific Islands
  • South America, Central America, Mexico, and Caribbean (Excluding Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands)

For the latest dates for your region check here: Dates, Deadlines and Score Release Dates, ISAC site

What is New in LSAT 2021?

Starting August 2021, LSAT is going remote. As mentioned, the law school entry test is predominantly an online affair. The LSAT Flex remains the same, however, there is a *new* Experimental Section added to it. In addition, the resources are also the same. You can still use any LSAT free prep course notes or materials from past tests to prepare.

In 2021, there are 4 sections to the Written Essays, unlike three sections:

  • Logic Reasoning (graded)
  • Reading Comprehension (graded)
  • Logic Game (graded)
  • *Experimental (ungraded)

Blueprint LSAT expert Thom explains the new LSAT sections in this YouTube Video: New LSAT 2021

LSAT Free Prep Course and Resources

The best place to get the latest LSAT Multiple-choice questions and writing samples are at the Law School Admission Council Official LSAT website.

In fact, you are better off getting the free LSAT prep questions and resources from the test setters.

See the recommended links below for more information.

LSAT Paid Prep Course

We checked their website for some recommended prep books. The LSAT Super Prep I and Super Prep II have been the most comprehensive revision book recommended by the US Law Council (LSAC), available on AMAZON, and Barnes & Noble bookstores online.

”SuperPrep has long been our most comprehensive LSAT preparation book, and SuperPrep II is even better.” Quote, LSAC

Disclaimer: As AMAZON Associate, we may earn a commission if you purchase this book through the link. The commission comes at NO cost to you.

5 Things Admission Test (LSAT) Takers Wished They Knew

  • Be realistic with yourself how long it is going to take you to study for the LSAT. (Tip: Holds off from choosing the LSAT/test date until you’ve studied and are well-prepped.
  • Figure out either to self-study or choose an LSAT tutor near you. LSAT prep is the key to getting a better LSAT score. A better score could mean a good scholarship to study Law at the college/university of your choice. Do a cost-benefit analysis and choose what is best for you.
  • Do not have to stick to the same LSAT study materials. If you feel that there are better resources out there, try them out. Be flexible. Try things out.
  • Plan when to use the practice tests questions. Space them out. Prioritise the test questions and do them in batches. Avoid doing them all in one go.
  • Give yourself a break. It is necessary to give your brain a break and have downtime.

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Best LSAT Free Prep Course site – Recommended

There is no place to get a better LSAT prep material than the producers of the test, the Law School Admission Council. LSAC website offers a wide range of Free and Paid prep resources. Here are the direct links to the pages that you may find useful.

  • The LSAT Website
  • LSAC on YouTube
  • LSAT Pres E-books
  • Application Checklist
  • Khan Academy (Login required)

Find LSAT Free Prep Course Tips

There are lots of advice about preparing for the LSAT. One thing that many experts say (re-iterated here) is to be realistic about yourself.

The August 2021 change means that there is a need for the additional effort put into researching LSAT free prep courses, test questions and resources. In fact, there are 4 parts to the writing test. And also, the test is going all remote (home-based). So, weigh out all the challenges, time, personal situations, etc… and make the decision that is right for you.

As mentioned, this is a quick overview of opinions shared by the test-takers. For detailed (and up to date info) check out the Law School Admission Council’s website.

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