PNG Insight is putting together an extensive mathematics exam resources for primary (Grade 8) and secondary (Grades 10 and 12). We’ll continue to provide online resources for students and teachers at this time.

The idea is to target the examination grades and ‘close the gap’ in mathematics learning in Papua New Guinea. Read more about the Mathematics Exam Resources initiative below.

The resources include PNG School Syllabus, past exam papers for Grade 8, 10 and 12 and other mathematics resources to help parents and students at each grade level. Visit the Mathematics Examination Resource home page.

Mathematics Examination Papers

Close the ‘gap’

The performances of students in mathematics in the country can be described as below average in Grades 8, 10 and 12 examinations for a long time.

Generally, the students show minimal understanding of mathematical concepts in internal school assessments. Further, reflected in the annual and bi-annual national and regional assessments. PNG primary and secondary students’ performances in mathematics at primary and secondary schools is dismal.

There is no quick fix. There is a need to acknowledge the problem. And, do something about it.

The question is how do we (parents, teachers, schools and govt) help our children to do well in mathematics?

Access Mathematics Exam Resources

The lack of mathematics mastery at early learning and primary level, compounded with teachers’ enthusiasm and lack of resources, are among the reasons students do not do well in mathematics.

In many advanced educational settings, the universities, maths teachers and professionals are at the forefront of creating the resource for students. They do not depend on the govt or the education department.

Check out the latest Maths Tips and Guides on PNG Mathematics Examinations Tips and Guides.

Teachers are the best people to do just that – create resources in subject areas and make them available online or offline for students to benefit.

Click on the link provided below for resources and past examinations papers.

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Mathematics exam resources