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Many readers are asking how much it costs to register a vehicle at MVIL PNG. This is not a straightforward question to answer because there are different vehicle insurance premiums (the Base Premiums, BP). And, also different vehicles for Private and Business uses. Reassuringly, if you know the Base Premium and Registration Charge you can calculate the Total Registration Fee to pay.

We also show a 5-year MVIL registration fee trend to highlight the cost of registering vehicles in Papua New Guinea. We hope you’ll find it helpful.

MVIL PNG Vehicle Insurance key points

  • Registration Fee depends on the Base Premium and MVIL Registration Charges (also called Operational Charges)
  • MVIL publishes Base Insurance Premium on their website
  • Calculate vehicle registration fee prior to visiting MVIL office
  • Other fees included are Insurance Levi, VAT and NRSC

The Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL PNG) registration fee changes from year to year by about 5-10%. Please note that the changes are the result of the changes in insurance premiums and registration charges.

  • Base Premium depends on the USE and TYPE of vehicle (Find out here)
  • NRSC (National Road Safety Council) fee at 5%
  • VAT (Value Added Tax) at 10%
  • Insurance Levi at 1%
  • Registration Charges also called operational charges set by MVIL and applied on registration.

MVIL’s car insurance premiums and Registration Charges different for different vehicles. Whereas the percentages charges are fixed and applied on all base premium during calculation (explained below).
Note that the Base Premium used in this article is for a CVR Station Wagon.

Base Premium and Registration Charge

The base premiums for every vehicle type are different. From experience, we realise that Base Premium and Registration and Operation Charges change every other year. You should check the updated premium table given on MVIL PNG website.

Here are the vehicle registration fees over the last 5 years to 2020. Perhaps it is important to note that the premium changes overtime – it either increased or decreased.

Motor vehicle insurance limited PNG

In the last 2 years (2018 – 2020) there was an increase of about K100 in the total registration for the CRV Honda.

MVIL PNG Registration Fee Trends

Early in 2016, MVIL charges K1453.55 for a CRV Honda Vehicle (Private Use). That was extortionate. However, vehicle owners were reimbursed nearly 40% of the amount paid early in that year. The reason was not known, but we believe it was an internal decision due to some oversight.

This vehicle received K556.25 in reimbursement.

MVIL further reduced the fee in 2018-2019. After 2018, the insurance premium and rego fee increased by 13% to K978.85. As mentioned, the reasons for increases and decreases in the Insurance Base Premiums and Registration Charges over the years are MVIL’s internal decisions. It remains that way unless they put it out to the public.

How to find Base Premium

The best thing to do is to contact or visit MVIL office near you and ask for the base premium. Perhaps, you could also visit the MVIL PNG website. There, you’ll find an interactive table that shows all the insurance Base Premium for the different vehicle types. Over 80 premium rates.

You can also read about the Common Base Premiums, Transfer of Ownership Title and Registration Fees – click here.

How to calculate total vehicle registration fee

MVIL PNG clients wanting to know the registration fee can use the Base Premiums to work out the total vehicle registration fee payable by car type. Take the percentage of BP as cumulative amounts.

In order words, take 5% (NRSC) of the BP and add together. Then, take 10% (VAT) and work out the sub-total. Work out 1% Insurance Levi. Add the final amount to the Registration Charges. Got it? 😊

The good news is, you do not have to do the calculations. All these have been done for you and available in a PDF table on MVIL website.

Workout total vehicle registration fee

  • Download the Approved Premium by Motor Vehicle Class (PDF)
  • Identify your vehicle class
  • Locate the Total Insurance Cost (TIC) (listed as OPS nearest toea on the PDF)
  • Work out the Registration Charge (RC) (*about 50% of TIC)
  • Add the TIC and RC to give the total registration fee

* At the time of this article, there was no information about the total registration fee online. We had to rely on the CRV Honda Certificate of CTP Insurance Policy and Registration to obtain the Registration Charges to work out the total registration fee.

The fees for Base Premium and Registration Charges do change from time to time. So, please check with MVIL for the latest charges.

What to do as a vehicle owner

Registration is compulsory. It is a legal requirement for owning a vehicle. So, whether we like it or not, we will have to pay for the registration fee.

This article presents a case analysis of the CRV Honda for Private Use. So that other vehicle owners who want to know about the total registration fee forehand can do that.

As mentioned earlier, find out your car type, insurance premium and registration charge. And, work out how much to pay to register your new vehicle.

More info on vehicle registration at MVIL

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Final words

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