MVIL Vehicle Registration Requirements

MVIL Vehicle Registration Requirements

The Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) is a legal establishment under the Motor Vehicle (Third Party) Act of Parliament. The Compulsory Third Party Insurance provides cover for the loss of life or injury and all claims are legally binding under the MV Third Party Act. MVIL vehicle registration, licencing and the other services it provides are mandatory.

In this article, we provide information for first-time (and new) vehicle owners either registering vehicles or transferring car ownership. Also, a complete registration checklist and fee for commonly used vehicles can be found below.

Vehicle registration requirements

The list is a guide for registering a vehicle at MVIL. So, read on to get a better understanding on how to register or transfer vehicle ownership.

1. Valid owner identification
2. Completed application (download it here)
3. Vehicle specs (usually done at the MVIL location where an employee takes notes of the weight, make, model, seating capacity, etc.)
4. Safety sticker (issued by the participating garage and lasted 6 months at a time)
5. Registration fee (different for Private use and Business use vehicles)

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Title – 7 important checks

In fact, two parties part-take in transferring of ownership title of a vehicle. The previous owner (who is the seller) and the new owner, the buyer.

NOTE: MVIL requires that the new owner pays for a full registration before title transfer. This means that any unexpired registration fee, if any, would have to be calculated and reimbursed to the previous owner

Previous owner (seller) document copies

The vehicle sellers have the duty to the buyers to provide all the car documents upfront. Advisably, buyers must demand that the following documents are provided to you:

1. Original registration certificate: is the registration certificate
2. Safety sticker docket/receipt
3. License copies of the front and back of the previous owner’s license
4. State Declaration Form with details of owner and car, and the seller intention of title transfer, amount received etc… Ensure that the SDF is signed and stamped at the courthouse or by a legal entity.

What to do vehicle buyer

In addition to the documents mentioned above, two important things vehicle buyers must do. First, get the State Dec signed and license copies ready before visiting MVIL office.  At the office, the car inspectors will ask for the documents before inspecting the car. The things to consider are:

1. MVIL PNG vehicle inspection – An MVIL employee will check all documents and inspect the car at the MVIL location.
2. New owner license copies of both the front and back of the license
3. State Declaration Form (SDF) completed by the new owner giving his/her details, amount spent, etc… Ensure that the SDF is, also, signed and stamped at the courthouse or by a legal entity.

Note for Second-hand Vehicle Buyers

The documentary evidence from, both, the previous owner and the new owner must be present for the transfer of title to take place smoothly. It is, perhaps, important for the vehicle buyer to do ALL the 7 checks before opting to make any payments.

The key point is that it is important to claim vehicle ownership and be able to sell it in the future.

What to do with unexpired registration

Vehicle registration is for 12 months. The MVIL recommends that the new owners must pay for the registration on the transfer of vehicle title. In some instances, the registration may be valid for several months when the transfer of title takes place.

In such cases, there are three options to take.

First, the new owner could let the registration run out (expire) then renew it and transfer the title at the same time. Perhaps it is important to gather all the required documents signed and stamped with the previous owner. When the seller of the vehicle has gone, it would be difficult getting the vehicle papers.

The second option is to pay the full registration and talk to the old owner/seller to reimburse the registration fee that is owed to you.

The third option is to negotiate with the vehicle seller to reduce the car selling price by taking into consideration the annual registration fee due to the buyer.

Safety sticker renewal

Unlike the vehicle registration which is 1 year, the safety sticker lasts for 6 months. Any participating garage will get the car checked and issue new safety sticker.

The cost of a new safety sticker is K50. Check with the garage for any increase before making payment.

MVIL PNG Vehicle Registration Fees

The MVIL registration fees/premiums for vehicles depend on two factors – Use and Class type. Understandably, vehicle use is either Private or Business. The 5 common Private Use Vehicle premiums are:

1. Class 10 Sedan Private Use K492.40
2. Class 11 Station Wagon Private Use K492.41
3. Class 23 Station Wagon SWB Private Use K492.41
4. Class 25 Station Wagon LWB Private Use K615.74
5. Class 40 Utility Private Use K893.24

In hindsight, knowing the vehicle Use and Type is useful. It gives you an idea of how much to pay for the Compulsory Third Party insurance premium.

MVIL only accepts EFTPOS payments, no cash.

More details on MVIL vehicle Use and Type of premium covers are via the link.

MVIL Port Moresby Location

Longtime Port Moresby residents know the MVIL Port Moresby location. For those who are new to POM, you’ll find this direction helpful.

MVIL is on the right as you drive down Kunai Street.

MVIL PNG Contact
Google map

Contact MVIL

MVIL PNG has offices in all the centres in the country. The Port Moresby office can be contacted via email or phone on (675) 302 4600.

MVIL Online Registration

Vehicle owners can renew the registration or driver’s license online. A registered customer can log in using the registered email address and the corresponding password. It is quick to register and easy to navigate through the MVIL registration portal.

Customers who do not have a registration account with MVIL can open one here.

Avoid the long waiting time and open an online MVIL online account.

Document Checklist

In summary, the 6 checkers are the vehicle registration requirements/checklist to consider when registering a vehicle:

  1. Valid identification/license
  2. Safety sticker
  3. Completed registration form
  4. Registration fee/Insurance Premium
  5. *State declaration (If you are transferring car ownership)
  6. *Original vehicle certificate (If you are transferring car ownership)

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  1. I am trying to do a transfer of ownership and register my toyota harrier as it expires today. Can you quote me the total amount including a safety sticker as well

  2. Brenda, Toyota harrier could be classified as a wagon. So, check with MVIL to confirm this. As for the quotation, you’ll have to source the quotation for safety sticker at a workshop/garage (cost around K50).

    You total for getting the car on the road should be around K1000.

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