NCSL Online Portal: Check Balance and Loan Eligibility

NCSL Online Portal: Check Balance and Loan Eligibility

If you are a member of the NASFUND Contributors Savings & Loans Society, the NCSL Online Portal is useful for accessing online services like checking balance or loan and savings withdrawal eligibility; submission of online loan or withdrawal applications; and getting member statements. The services can be accessed via mobile phone, tablets, laptops and desktops.

NOTE: The origional version of is available on Insight.

So if you are already a registered member, you may be familiar with the benefits of using the portal. If you are a member of NCSL but has not register yet on NCSL online portal, here are the helpful tips to help you register.

Go to the registration page.

Step-1: The NCSL members new to the portal required to have membership number and date of birth to complete step one of the registration process. These details are important to register. If you forget about the membership details, immediately contact NCSL on or call 313 2000.

Step-2: Input your required personal/member details. Be realistic about the membership details you are entering – the details must be factual and current.

Step-3: The final step is to confirm your registration. This step requires members to have an email account. Always have – in addition to other membership details – your personal email account ready before starting the registration on the NCSL Online Portal.

In summary here are the important registration requirements to make registration flow smoothly…

  • Email account (google mail or yahoo etc)
  • Membership number
  • Date of birth
    The staff at NCSL will be happy to help any contributor so get in touch. If you need more clarification, visit your nearest NCSL office in your regions.

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  1. I want my balance up date.

  2. Hello Mr Ali, for your NCSL balance UPDATE first register to use the member portal. Steps outlined above.

    When you have done that you can then check your balance in the portal.

    For you NASFUND balance UPDATE you’ll have to use your mobile phone. It cost K0.20. Type *627*membershipnumber*dateofbirth#send

  3. I would like to see my NASFUND balance UPDATED

  4. I forgot my ncsl online portal password please assist me.

    1. Hi Freddy, enter your membership number to reset your password. Follow the prompts after entering you membership number. Make sure you no is current and correct. If you do not have your membership no, I’d encourage you to go to the nearest NCSL office to get your password reset for you.


    1. Hi Judy, contact your nearest NCSL branch. They’ll assist you with your query.

  6. Hi,

    Am enquiring on behalf of my daughter who is a NCSL Kids Savings Account Member.
    I tried assisting her with member Online Portal Account and the system say error information or invalid information. Her information is correct. Can you give me a feedback or answer to this error/invalid information?

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