NSW HSC Results 2022 School Rankings

The NSW Education Standards Authority’s (NESA) website is packed full of information for students, parents and guardians. Here, you’ll find information extracts relating to NSW HSC Results 2022 and School Rankings. This info has specific details the:

  • exam results release date,
  • NESA HSC results online system and
  • 2022 school rankings.

NSW HSC Results 2022 Release Date

The NSW HSC results are available on NESA’s website. You can get the results via the ‘Students Online’ tab and also receive them by email and SMS in December.

According to NESA, the NSW HSC Results 2022 will release date is the 15th of December 2022. The HSC Results Services and download of credentials are available from the 16th of December 2022.

The access to the Students Online service will close on the 30th of June 2023 for 2022 student leavers.

If you are a 2022 Year 10 and Year 11 student, take note of the results release dates:

  • Year 11 results release – 15th of November 2022
  • Year 10 results release – 1st of December 2022

According to NESA, if you feel an examination mark is not consistent with your expectation, the HSC Results Check service is available for a small fee per course. This service is an opportunity to confirm your marks were processed correctly. It does not involve a re-mark of examination responses.

How to Download NSW HSC Results 2022

You can download and print your full credentials from Students Online in December. The hard copies of the certificate are sent in the mail in January of the following year.

Here is how to check NSW HSC Results 2022 online:

Once you have logged in, check your name, courses, address, email and phone number are correct. Inform your school of any name changes or course concerns.

You can change your address, email and phone number in the Personal Details section.

How to get your user ID and PIN/password?

If you have problems with your user ID, Student Number and PIN

  • For the Years 10 – 12 Principals, call (02) 9367 8001.
  • Years K – 9 Principals call 1300 119 556.
  • Staff, contact your Principal to create your school’s online profile.

If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgot your password’ recovery facility. This action should recover your online password. If you still have problems see if your Principal can reset it for you.

HSC School Rankings 2022

The HSC school ranking for 2021/2022 comes out after the examinations and results are realised to students. Here is how Matrix Education is ranking the top 150 schools in NSW.

They are using the performances of students in the end-of-the-year examinations to rank the schools

(Note that the ranking given in brackets are the ranks by each category):

  • Breakdown of Top 150 NSW Schools (In 2020 Independent Schools made up 72% of the 150 schools analysed, followed by Govt/selective schools at 18% and Govt/non-selective schools at 10%)
  • Selective Schools/Government TOP 10 (James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford, #1 in 2020)
  • Non-Selective Schools/Government TOP 10 (NBSC Mackellar Girls School, #1)
  • Independent Schools TOP 10 (Sydney Grammar School, Darlinghurst, #1)
  • Most Improved Schools (Sydney Grammar School, Darlinghurst, #1)
  • Top 150 Schools by Success Rate James Ruse Agricultural High School, Carlingford, (#1)

The 2022 HSC Rankings for schools are likely to follow the same ranking scheme. It is important to note that the school rankings are determined by the ‘performance’ of the students in the national examinations.