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The Divine Word University (DWU) was formerly called Divine Word Institute run by the Catholic mission. DWU got its university status in 1996 and described itself as the ‘ecumenical, coeducational and privately governed [insititution in the country] with government support’. It’s Online University Courses are the best in the country.

DWU is presently the leading online university courses provider in the country. With its Moodle platform for both part-time and full-time students, the university brings to the working class as well as any potential individual ‘the most accessible pathway’ to learning.

The courses are offered both online and on campus. This article provides info for part-time students.

How the online course works

Basically, individuals apply and enrol with the Flexible Learning Centre (FLC) of DWU in any of the 5 centres (see below) in the country for an undergraduate degree or postgraduate programs. The selected student pays K1500 per coursework and does 2 intensive weeks contact with lecturers and complete the rest of the course work online.

The potential students will use their laptops, smartphones or tablets to access, share information and interact with staff members during the learning phases.

The programs offered online culminates in final graduation in person at the Madang campus.

Online University Courses

Students are required to attend an intensive two-three weeks residential period per semester followed by a distance mode of study. There is a requirement for completing two units per semester out of 4 yearly semesters.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Diploma in Justice Administration
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministry
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Master of Leadership in Development
  • Master of Public Administration

Faculty of Business and Informatics

  • Graduate Certificate in Data Networking
  • Diploma in Business Studies
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Management
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Master of Leadership in Business Administration

Faculty of Education

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary, Inservice)
  • Master of Educational Leadership
  • Doctor of Education

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

  • Diploma in Health Service Management
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Rural Health, Inservice)
  • Master of Public Health – Health Services Management


Each unit costs K1500 for part-time students. That means that two units per semester will cost K3000 or K12,000 to complete an online degree program at DWU.

Online Course Duration

Five locations/branches of DWU (see below) offer the programs at different times throughout a year where there a cohort of students intake. Check out the location nearest to you. As mentioned earlier, students take two units a semester and complete the program in two years. Students are required to participate in a two-week residential component each semester.

  • Madang
  • Wewak
  • Rabaul
  • Tabubil
  • Port Moresby


At DWUthere are 5 campuses nationwide; 4 semesters, 2 courses per semester per year, K1500 per course unit, 2-week intensive lecture; and 5 faculties and 18 programs under the Flexible Learning option for working-class and interested persons.

If you need more info, leave a message below.

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  1. Rex. Angilly

    Hi there,
    very much interested in this year (2024) enrollment for the bachelor’s in public administration. Please kindly assist me with the application form.


  2. Terry Logo

    I am interested in the Bachelor in Health Science Program. How can i apply for distance studies?

  3. Anslem Aundir

    I am interest in doing my masters in Education online.Where will a apply for an online study.

  4. Linda Noga

    Hi Admin,
    I am Linda Noga from NBC.
    Am a language News Translator and I would like to peruse a course in Linguistics.
    Kindly send me detailed information on how I can apply for a course relation to Linguistics or even translation.

    Kind Regards.
    Linda Noga

  5. Leonnie Maskel

    I’m interested in Bachelor in Accounting Program. I’m a Diploma holder major in Financial Accounting, currently employed and willing to do post graduate. Is there possibilities to get four course within a year or the requirement is just two course.


      These are block causes and taught by full time lecturers at specific time of the year when they are released of students and academic work. The best people to talk to are the post grad coordinators and lecturers.

  6. Yawa Gilbert

    I’m interested in taking the course in Masters in Education Leadership online. Where can I get an application form ? Thankyou.


      Hi Gilbert, check DWU website and download it from there.

  7. Baptis Wamayua

    I am interested in Bachelor of Education but how will I get myself registered? There’s no branch in Lae as am currently live which is inconvenient for me.


      Hi Baptis, you can make arrangements to travel to DWU Madang campus to do the block resident/block courses?

  8. Paul Yakira

    I am Paul Yakira a public servant and wanted to do online Masters Public Administration.

    1. How many courses do I take.

    2. What is the duration of the the courses?

    3. How much is the total cost., I know one Course is K1500 and 2 is equals to K3000 which is equivalent to One semester.

    4. Can it take only 2 years to complete the courses?

  9. Gariki Towa

    What time of the year do I have to apply for a online degree course?

  10. Sidney james

    I am interested in diploma of justice administration. How do I apply for this course?

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