Papua New Guinea Population 2023 Latest Figures

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a diverse and vibrant country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. As of 2023, the country’s predicted population stands at approximately 9.5 million, according to the National Statistical Office of Papua New Guinea. This figure is a significant increase from the 4.3 million people recorded during the country’s independence in 1975.

Population Growth

Papua New Guinea’s population is growing at an annual rate of 1.86%, which is higher than the global average of 1.05%.

This growth rate means that the country’s population is expected to double in the next 37 years. According to the United Nations, the population is projected to reach 11.5 million by 2050.

Population Density

The country’s population density is relatively low, with approximately 18 people per square kilometre. However, there are significant variations in population density between regions.

For example, the Highlands region has a higher population density compared to other regions due to the availability of fertile land for farming.

Age Structure

The age structure of PNG’s population is relatively young, with a median age of 23 years. This youthful population presents both challenges and opportunities for the country.

On the one hand, it presents a significant burden on the education and healthcare systems. On the other hand, it presents an opportunity for the country to harness its youthful energy and creativity to drive economic growth and development.

Ethnic Diversity

PNG is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, with over 850 different languages spoken.

The majority of the population is Melanesian, accounting for 97% of the total population. The remaining 3% comprises of Polynesians, Micronesians, and other ethnic groups.


The country’s urbanisation rate is low, with only 13% of the population living in urban areas. However, this figure is expected to increase in the coming years as more people move to cities in search of better economic opportunities.

In closure, Papua New Guinea Population 2023 and onwards is growing at a significant rate, and this presents both challenges and opportunities for the country.

As the population continues to grow, the country will need to invest in education, healthcare, and infrastructure to ensure sustainable development. Also, the country’s diverse population presents opportunities for the country to harness its cultural richness to promote economic growth and development.


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