PNG Police, Defence and CIS Better Approach to Recruiting

Recruiting new personnel can be a significant challenge for the PNG police, defence, and CIS. A massive number of applicants from all regions in PNG responded to the recent police recruitment drive. However, only 560 applicants are selected, resulting in widespread disappointment.

Here is a better approach that the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) is opting for. So, should the PNG Police and CIS do the same in light of the overwhelming recruitment drives of late?

DHERST Online Selection System

Filtering through thousands of applications to select the best candidates is an enormous task for the disciplinary forces nationwide recruitment drives. The lack of resources made this task almost impossible, leading to inconsistencies in the selection process.

To address this challenge, the PNG Police, Defence and CIS should use the DHERST Online Selection System. The higher education department has effectively used the National Online Application System (NOAS) and National Online Selection System (NOSS) to select students for higher institutions in the country.

It’s a matter of the Grade 12 schools leavers making it one of their choices when they fill in their online school leavers’ form via the DHERST’s NOAS.

The process filters applicants and selects the best candidates based on merit.

Benefits of DHERST Online Selection System

The PNG DHERST Online Selection System provides a structured and transparent approach to recruiting candidates. The selection takes place in a matter of seconds if not minutes!

This system eliminates any chances of bias or unfairness and ensures a consistent selection process. Additionally, it saves time and resources while recruiting the right candidates from a large number of applicants.

Coordination for Non-School Leavers

For Non-School Leavers, recruitment for police, defence, and CIS can be coordinated by the respective training arms, such as the Police College, Defence Training Division, and CIS Training Arm.

This process provides a more specialised and targeted approach to recruiting candidates by age and suitability.

PNG Defence Force Steps in the Right Direction

The PNGDF has hinted at using the DHERST online selection system. In a news report, Commander Major-General Mark Goina said

“Going in 2023 onwards, all applicants will come through the school leavers’ form, we have established a collaboration with the higher education department to assist and screen through our requirements”.

PNG Police and CIS should also do the same. It is a no-brainer!

What needs to be done is that the 3 disciplinary forces can effectively reduce the application and selection challenges by using the DHERST online application and selection systems. This leaves the forces with the non-school leavers’ applications to deal with, which they can do through their training offices.

PNGDF (Papua New Guinea Defence Force) Recruitment
PNG Police, Defence and CIS recruitment via DHERST online application and selection systems

Conclusion (Choose better approach to recruiting new personnel)

The PNG DHERST Online Selection System is a better approach to recruiting new personnel for the police, defence, and CIS. It offers a structured, transparent, and consistent approach to the selection process.

It is also cost-effective and time-saving.

Overall, the selection of school leavers can be done via the DHERST online selection system and non-school leavers can be done by the discipline forces’ training divisions. PNGDF is choosing a better approach to making selections for new personnel.

This guarantees the selection of the best candidates, leading to a more efficient and effective workforce for the country’s security sector.

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