Police recruitment in Papua New Guinea has been an ongoing initiative the Government has put in place. The main purpose of PNG police recruitment 2023 is to increase the police force in the country.   

The police department through the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (RPNGC) has taken the responsibility to recruit new officers every year. We provide some information on Police Recruitment you should know before applying.

2023 Police Training and New Syllabus

In 2023 and onwards, the new police recruits will undergo 6 months of basic policing, law and order theory at Bomana Police College; and 12 months of practicum at the police stations they are assigned to.

Police training in Papua New Guinea will take 18 months. The police commissioner in a Post Courier report dated 24th August 2022 cited the need to properly recruit and train police officers, fit to serve the people.

At the police stations, the new recruits will:

  • learn about the operations of stations,
  • perform shifts,
  • learn basic prosecutions and investigations.
The main area of 12 months of police on-the-job training will focus on installing discipline in them and learning the basics in prosecutions and investigation of criminals and traffic rules & engagements.

New information on Police Recruitment 2023 for 2024 is now available here.

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Police Recruitments Eligibility Criteria

Application Form & Requirement: To be eligible for consideration for police recruitment into the RPNGC, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. You must
  • complete Grade  12.
  • be  18 to 23 years old
  • be physically well-built.
  • not hold criminal records.
  • have good behaviour records
  • complete Grade 12 in the last two years, and your height must be at least 164 cm and above.

Being a policeman/woman is a higher calling. It is a call to serve the people. It is about respecting the public. 

How to Apply for the PNG Police Recruitment 2023?

If you have completed grade 12 within the last three years must prepare the following documents for recruitment 2023 for 2024.
1. Prepare the original copy of grade 12 and 10 certificates.
2. Ask for 2x references from the school principal and recognised community leaders such as ward councillors.
3. Get a Police Clearance Certificate- here is how to get police clearance and how much it cost.
4. Get a Medical Report – Go to your local hospital or health centre, do a medical check and get your report.
5. Write a clear and concise letter of interest stating why you want to be a Police Officer.
6. Go to the Court House and stamp all copies of your certificate and transcripts.
Finally, make a copy for yourself. Send the original to the Police Recruitment Team.
The address/email will be provided on the Recruitment Notice.
Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the recruitment notice in the newspapers for the other details and the due date for the police recruitment 2023 for 2024 training.

Check out how to get a police clearance check certificate and the info about the application for PNG Police reservist.

Contact for police application forms, recruitment and queries

The address for the police recruitment is given below. You can use this address to do the following:

  • Request for the latest police application form, 
  • send the complete application forms and documents
  • For applications and general queries. 
Write to:

Recruitment  Officer

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Police Headquarters

P O Box  85


Papua New Guinea

You can also call the phone:  322 6100 /321 1222

Tips for successful application PNG Police Recruitment 2023

The best way to apply for the PNG Police Recruitment is to get as much info as you can and write a strong CV, check out the tips here – How to write a CV with Strong Punchline. Once you know what to do, you can do it right the first time. So, call or write to the police HQ or, better still, contact the recruitment officer directly. 
When you deal with recruitment officers (or proxies) DO NOT pay a bribe. This is a community service – the officers are public servants – and they’ll help you. 
Attach all the necessary documents. Take your application to your teacher, pastor, policeman, magistrate or senior citizen to check before you make the submission. When you have submitted the application form, follow up immediately. Ask when the selection list is coming out.
Hope this helps you when you are applying for the Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment.