DHERST TESAS Lists 2024: What to Expect

The higher education department (DHERST) launched the Grade 12 National Online Selection on the 21st of December 2023. Grade 12 students can view their selection status via the NOAS. But, what does the launching mean; and when will DHERST publish PNG Tertiary Selection Lists PDF, and what to expect fo the DHERST TESAS Lists 2024?

Importantly, the 2024 Tertiary Selection Lists are out but the TESAS list for students on PNG government HECAS and AES will be before the academic year starts.

Here is what DHESRT said about the PNG government scholarships, TESAS and HELP…

The TESAS list will be published on the 3rd week of January and the TESAS Scholarship Offer Letter will be provided to the TESAS awardees by DHERST through your respective NOAS account. If you find your name under a TESAS scholarship (AES or HECAS) category, make sure to access your NOAS account to accept the terms and conditions of your TESAS scholarship. DHERST website.


To give you an idea about the Grade 12 New Intake TESAS Students PDF Lists, take a look at the past release dates:

Academic Year  –   TESAS List Date Published

  • 2023 – Launched and Published 23/12/2023
  • 2022 – published on the 11th of January 2022
  • 2021 – published on the 27th of January 2021
  • 2020 – published on the 19th of December 2019
  • 2019 – published on the 18th of December 2018

You can see that in 2019 and 2020, the Grade 12 New Intake Lists to PNG Tertiary Institutions came out in December whereas the 2021 and 2022 PDF lists came out in January. There was a change in the secretary for DHERST and ‘things went on a rough patch there’.

But generally, the New Intake and Non-school leavers lists come out in December whereas the TESAS (HECAS & AES) Award Lists come out in January of the following year.

Here are the school leavers and non-school leavers selection lists released by DHERST on the 21st and 23rd of December 2022:


DHERST NOAS Online Status vs. PNG Tertiary Selection Lists for 2024 (1)

Here are 5 points that students, parents and guardians should know as they check their names on National Online Selection System (NOAS). 

Students can view their selection STATUS through their individual National Online Application Accounts. The 2022 Grade 12 students should use their NOAS login details to access their accounts and confirm their selection status for the 2024 academic year.

By now the students should know if they are selected for a tertiary institution. This is the final outcome of your School Leaver’s Choice on the National Online Application System. 

If you have questions about the 2022 Grade 12 student selections for 2024, check this article.

The selection status on the DHERST National Online Selection System is ‘provisional’ before the final PNG Tertiary Selection Lists for 2024 come out. That means two things: 

  • first, the HEI will send you an offer letter, also called the acceptance letter, to confirm your placement with the institution; and
  • second, DHERST will formally publish your name on the 2024 Grade 12 selection list PDF on its website.


What should you do if you are not on the DHERST TESAS Lists 2024? (2)

Congratulations if you are selected to continue to a tertiary institution in 2022. There are several things that you should find out. 
  • Are you on TESAS (AES, HECAS)?
  • Will you be a SELF-SPONSORED student?
  • When are you likely to see your name on the 2024 DHERST selection list?
  • Should you inform your institution that you’ve accepted that offer?
At least, try to find out the answer to the 5 questions as you prepare to go to your new school. 
Here is an article that can help you prepare for registration and orientation week. It gives details about documents you need to present at registration, fees and what to do to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. 
PNG Tertiary Selection Lists PDF 2024 date


DHERST new Grade 12 data (3)

Note that there are ONLY 16,171 spaces available at the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Papua New Guinea according to DHERST’s new data


For the 2022 Academic Year, there were 

  • 31, 817 students were nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students certified;
  • 16,171 total HEI quota ; 
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.
Many Grade 12 students, like in the past years, will not get an HEI placement though they may have really good grades.
If you have secured a placement, you should be proud of yourself!

Important Announcement from DHERST 2022 (4)

DHERST and HEIs will use Grade 12 students’ data in the National Online Application System (NOAS) to confirm their selections. Here is what DHERST has to say:
  • Your (Grade 12 Students) data from the MyNOAS data field has been forwarded to the Higher Education Institution that selected you.  The HEI will communicate directly with you to inform you about the specific details of the institution, including how to accept your offer. 
  • Note that the response contained therein (in the NOSS) is not an admission confirmation. You should expect to receive official notice through an admissions offer letter directly from your Higher Education Institution (HEI).
Over 10,370 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies. If you feel that you have made the Grade, but missed out, here is a story that will inspire you.
Read about Sharlyne’s story. She completed Grade 12 at Marianville Secondary School. Her Grade Point Average (GPA) was above the cut-off mark for entry into UPNG, but she missed out on the selection.
Grade 12 selection list - Study Online in PNG
All the best in 2024!

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