PNG UoT 2023 Applications and Admissions – New Students

The PNG University of Technology (UoT or Unitech) had three (3) main ways to admit new students to its 13 academic departments.

  • School Leavers selection: Grade 12 selection from the National High and Secondary schools or Grade 12 matriculation studies pathway (as a school leaver)
  • Non-school selection: Leavers Non-school leavers’ selection of students who have left formal studies within the PNG Education system and wanting to study at Unitech. Of course, this category of students will have to meet the selection criteria of the university.
  • Overseas students’ selections: students from the Pacific Island countries and international students will have to meet the admission requirement for school leavers and non-school leavers. The university’s Admissions Committee decides on the university’s entry equivalence.

Students can enter PNG University of Technology as a school leaver, non-school leavers and postgraduates. Overseas and international students are also accepted into the various undergraduate and graduate programs.

PNG UoT Courses: Post-graduate, Diploma and Certificate

The 13 academic departments have programs from the Certificate up to the PhD levels. UNITECH has about 60 postgraduate courses, two of which are masters by distance mode.

  • 21 PhDs,
  • 32 Masters,
  • 3 Diplomas and
  • 2 Certificates.

Two academic departments are also offering Master courses in the distance mode.

  • Surveying and Lands Study – Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Communication and Development Studies – Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL). You can get more information by contacting the Post-graduate School 473 4456 or email them at

UoT Pathway – DODL

Perhaps it is important to mention that the Department of Distance Learning (DODL) at UNITECH is an important partway for students who have dropped out of the formal education in Papua New Guinea, and wanted to pursue a study at UNITECH. (See the links to and informational about Unitech DODL below).

PNG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY has a limited number of spaces given the availability of learning spaces, boarding and lodging rooms, academic resources, etc. This means that the competition for admission to a program of study is usually very high.

Students aspiring to enter UNITECH through DODL must compete against the Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers in the country to secure a space. In order words, DODL students at UNITECH must perform exceptionally well in the national examinations to get a UNITECH placement.

UoT Grade 12 Selection (Undergraduate selections)

The grade 12 students and undergraduates selections fall into three main categories of applications.

  • Grade 12 School Leavers,
  •  Matriculation and Open College students, and
  • Non-school leavers (students who dropped out/discontinued formal education).

The Grade 12 school leavers (and non-school leavers) selections for UNITECH happens (around November) of each year based on the result of the Grade 12 national examinations (in October).

The selection process involves three parties:

  • the secondary and national high schools,
  • Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST), and
  • PNG Universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions

The secondary school students complete the online School Leavers Form guided by the school deputy principals and principals at school levels.

DHERST’s National Online Selection NOSS

DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) facilitates an online selection platform, where it processes the data and selects students who choose UNITECH as their preferred university. DHERST selects students according to UNITECH yearly intake/quota and instructs the university to take in the students who have been selected online.

UNITECH accepts students according to and in liaison with DHERST and notifies the students by way of acceptance letters and publishing the list online or on the print media.

2023 Non-school Leavers Application Form

Unitech usually makes the application forms available in August of each year. If you are a non-school leaver or discontinued students, check this post for the UNITECH application form.

You must download the application form from the university’s website, attach the required documents and apply in time. The selection is done by the university and its respective academic committees and endorsed by the Admission Committee of the University.

Check out this post on How to Apply as a Non-school Leaver. If you are thinking of submitting an Online Application to UoT, check out this information on the university’s website.

GPA for Unitech and admission requirements

You must meet the requirements set for non-school leavers so that you are eligible for entry to UNITECH. Some of the requirements include:

2023 Online Application NSL

The non-school leavers can now apply online to UNITECH. Here is the instruction for UNITECH online application:

Before you proceed with applying online, do ensure you have all required documents and read through the Entry Requirements section.

All documents are to be strictly in colour copy converted into pdf before uploading. File naming of each document should be like this:  yourfullname_typeofdocument (e.g) = Samuel Kuri_Grade12 Certificate.

Applicants seeking re-admission should take note that if you have previously failed 2 times in the first year or a total of 3 times during your program of study then you are automatically disqualified for re-admission into that program.

A non-refundable application processing fee of K 50.00 is to be deposited into PNG University of Technology, Account Number: 1000 386581, Bank of South Pacific, Lae Branch. Mobile Phone Transfers will not be accepted.

Internet banking transaction is allowed and that applicants send a copy of the transaction receipt as part of the documents required to be uploaded at the end of the application.

All required fields having an (*) must be filled in with details – any omission will INVALIDATE this Application.

All the academic certificates & transcripts must be officially certified within the current year (2020) by a registered COMMISSIONER OF OATHS employed by the government (including district courthouses). Statutory Declaration Form will NOT be accepted.

The Commissioner must clearly state on each coloured photocopy that they have inspected the copy of the documents and confirm that: 

(A) the original copy shows no evidence of fraudulent alterations, and

(B) the coloured photocopy is a true copy of the unaltered original. 

NSL candidates can now apply here.

School Leavers Application – UoT

As mentioned above, the School Leavers (Grade 12, DODL, Open Learning, Matriculation, Overseas students) must apply through DHESRT online school leavers system called the NOSS (National Online Selection System).

The preparations and application is the work of the school and its students. In fact, the School Leavers with the help of their school administrators, apply through DHERST’s NOSS.

DHERST makes the final selections based on the students’ performances (marks) in the national examinations in October of every year, conducted by the National Department of Education (NDoE).

The selection for school leavers’ admission to UNITECH entry is not done by the university.

UoT Scholarships and Fellowships

There are also various scholarships and training for undergraduate and postgraduate students. For a comprehensive list of UNITECH scholarships, check the link to the university’s website.

Undergraduate PNG Govt Scholarship 

  • HELP

Postgraduate Scholarships/SponsorshipsGO

  • New Zealand Government Scholarship for PNG Students
  • Australian Government Scholarship for PNG Students (Australian Awards)
  • Corporate Scholarships (PNG LNG, Ramu Nico, NARI)
  • NGO and Private Scholarships (Light Education PNG)
  • Provincial Government Sponsorships (6 provincial governments)
  • Self-sponsor

UNITECH Graduates Scholarships/Fellowship

  • Graduate Assistantship Scholarship Program (GAP)
  • ACIAR scholarship scheme (Postgraduate training)

PNG UoT Affiliations

  • Bulolo Forestry College: BFC provides diploma courses in management of the forest. Graduates can find employment in both the private and public sector. There is a study pathway for a degree with the Department of Forestry at the Taraka Campus.
  •  Lae Timber and Forestry College: TFTC provides training and prepares the students for logging the timber industry. It has a yearly intake of around 120 – 200 students per year.

Department of Distance Learning (DODL)

The Department of Open and Distance Learning (also known as the DODL) provides a pathway for Grades 10 and 12 students to enter UNITECH through matriculation studies. The Grades 10 and 12 certificate holders and diploma graduates who want to study at UNITECH can do through the DODL study centres.

DODL UNITECH has more than 20 Centres throughout the country as Regional Centres, Study Centres, Affiliates and Franchise.

PNG University of Technology Overview

The University was established in 1965 in Port Moresby as The Papua New Guinea Institute of Higher Technical Education. The institute was relocated in 1970 to its current location of Taraka Campus in Lae, Morobe Province and renamed The Papua New Guinea Institute of Technology.

In August 1973, its status was upgraded to The Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

PNG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY’s 13 academic departments is listed below.

1. Department of Agriculture
2. Department of Applied Physics
3. Department of Applied Sciences
4. Department of Architecture and Building
5. Department of Business Studies
6. Department of Civil Engineering
7. Department of Communication and Development Studies
8. Department of Electrical & Communication Engineering
9. Department of Forestry
10. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
11. Department of Mechanical Engineering
12. Department of Mining Engineering
13. Department of Surveying and Land Studies

Established: August 1973
Location: Taraka Campus, Lae, Morobe Province
Mission: To grow world-class technocrats through high-quality experiential teaching, research and ardent application of scientific and technological knowledge and innovation.
Accreditation: Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST)

Logo credit: PNG University of Technology


Admission & Selections info

Unitech Website


This is an information page for UNITECH to help students seeking admissions (in Post-graduate and undergraduate studies) to UNITECH. The page intends to provide clear information for students who searching for courses and programs of study at UNITECH so that they can make informed decisions.

For more information relating to admissions (such as PNG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY application forms, programs dates, graduate degree and post-graduate courses, etc) for the present and new academic year, use the links provided in the article.

Or visit the UNITECH website for the latest and up-to-date information for the specific year of study at UNITECH and its affiliate colleges.