UPNG 2023 Applications and Admissions

UPNG has five schools (or faculties) and offers 103 different programs. The university accepts applications each year from the four schools as well as the applications from the post-graduate candidates (Diploma, Honours, Masters and Doctor). The five schools are:

  • School of Law,
  • School Medicine and Health Sciences,
  • Schools of Business and Public Policy,
  • School Humanities and Social Sciences and
  • School of Natural and Physical Sciences.

UPNG Open College

As mentioned earlier, the UPNG Open and Flexible learning programs are offered in 20 provinces nationwide. The Open College opened in 2002 to offer matriculation studies. UPNG open college further diversified its ‘programs to increase access and meet the unmet demand for higher education in PNG’. (UPNG Open College online statement, 2020).

Here is what the university said about its aim and focus of the open college:

‘Open College is the leading provider of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the country. The college is PNG’s national distance learning provider.
[The] focus is on student success. Each year over 10, 000 students enrol to use the flexibility of our distance learning programs to gain skills they need to progress in their jobs, careers and life.

2023 UPNG Application Form

UPNG publishes the yearly students’ application forms on its website around the 3rd quarter of each academic year. The 2021 UPNG application forms are for the applicants in the following categories: non-school leavers, postgraduates, international students, PNG Students studying overseas and discontinued students.

If you are a potential student wanting to apply to UPNG (and visitors coming from our blog), check out the 2023 UPNG online application for NSL via this link. Meanwhile, check the link for the postgraduate application forms (2023 UPNG application form).

Grade 12 School Leavers Application

As for the school leavers, the applications are through the National Online School Leavers Application System (also called NOSS) run by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology).

DHERST run both the online Grade 12 school leavers application and online university selection. And, publishes the list of students selected to UPNG on its website. If you are a Grade 12 student wanting to either complete your online SLF or check your selection to the UPNG, please check the DHERST online platform.

2023 UPNG Acceptance Lists: Non-school Leaver and School Leavers

The UPNG acceptance lists are in two parts. Firstly, the non-school leavers apply for a placing through the university. That means that UPNG (the university) does and the selection and publishes it on its website.

Secondly, the school leavers applications are through the department of higher education, DHERST. Therefore, the Grade 12 school leavers list for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea, including UPNG intakes, is the work of DHERST.

PNG Insight hopes that UPNG profiles give potential students somewhere to start in their search for their preferred university. We will continue to provide helpful links when it is available. Meanwhile, if there is any information we may miss or requires correcting, contact us.

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University of Papua New Guinea – Overview

The University of Papua New Guinea (also called UPNG) was the first university in PNG established in 1965, 10 years before the country’s independence. It is a public university located in the capital city of the country, Port Moresby. Only 10 minutes from the Jacksons International Airport.

UPNG has a mixture of both national and international students. Over 90% of the intakes of students are from within the country. Most of the international students are Pacific Islanders including Australians, Asians, Africans and Europeans.

UPNG offers a four-year undergraduate course. There is also a diversity of postgraduate courses and short/block courses offered at the university and its branches in the country. Notably, UPNG has a strong Open College that meets the need of the large population of Grade 12(and 10) students who have dropped out of formal schooling (Read more about the Open College Courses here).

UPNG Affiliations/Partnership

UPNG has a strong network with the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST). DHERST is the PNG government department of higher education that has legal responsibility for all the PNG universities including UPNG.

UPNG has partnered with many other universities overseas in research work, student exchange programs, guest lectures, annual conferences, etc. This has given UPNG a strong presence in the areas of research and presentation.

Here is what the vice-chancellor of UPNG said about the partnerships with other universities in the Pacific region.
‘We have vibrant campuses comprising of distinguishing faculty members and industry experts. We have strong networks and collaborations with other research and professional organizations, and World-Class Universities supporting the UPNG in delivering higher education training.

‘The UPNG experience is founded on 50 years of a strong, dedicated, and rich culture of producing educated leaders for Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific, and the Global community’. [Professor Frank Griffin]

Some of these partnerships include:

  • Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILG) – UPNG partnership
  • UPNG-JCU (James Cook University) Twinning Partnership 
  • Australian National University (ANU) – UPNG partnership
  • ANU Crawford – UPNG SBPP Partnership
  • University of Ryukyus and Waseda University (Japan) – UPNG student exchange program

The information provided in the article is for students’ information. It is an overview of the University of Papua New Guinea and aims to provide information for students. Especially for students who are searching for details on application and selections; course and programs offers; school leavers and non-school leavers options; and acceptance listings.

The latest news and updates can be found on the UPNG website. PNG Insight also provides direct links to UPNG webpages. See below

University of Papua New Guinea

Acronym: UPNG
Established: 5th October 1965
Location: Port Moresby, National Capital District
Website: www.upng.ac.pg
Mission: The Mission of the University of Papua New Guinea is to deliver excellent education and research results for nation building and global advancement towards an innovative and empowered society.Credit Logo: University of Papua New Guinea

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