University of Goroka Application and Admission info: There are 4 schools: the schools of Education, Humanities, Science & Technology and Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET). UoG accepts applications each year from the 4 schools as well as applications from post-graduate candidates (Diploma, Honours, Masters and Doctor). 

UoG Application Form 2023 PDF

 The University of Goroka (UoG) publishes its yearly students’ application forms on its website around the 3rd quarter of each academic year. The UoG application forms are for applicants in the following categories: non-school leavers, postgraduates, international students, PNG Students studying overseas and discontinued students.

If you are a potential student wanting to apply to UoG in the future, bookmark this page. UoG has made available the following application forms for the 2023 students intake: 

  • Education, 
  • Humanities, 
  • Science & Technology, 
  • Institute of TVET (ITVET), 
  • School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS),
  • Institute of Flexible and Distance Learning (IDFL), 
  • Enga Campus; and
  •  2023 Re-enrolment

 Check this link for all the 2023 UoG application forms.

Grade 12 School Leavers Application

As for the Grade 12 school leavers, the applications are through the National Online School Leavers Application System (also called NOSS) run by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology). 

DHERST runs both the online Grade 12 school leavers application and online university selection. And, publishes the list of students selected for UoG on its website. If you are a Grade 12 student wanting to either do your online SLF or check your selection to the University of Goroka, please check the DHERST online platform. (Go to DHERST website)

UoG Acceptance Lists 2023

UoG yearly acceptance lists are in two parts. Firstly, the non-school leavers apply for a place through the university. Therefore, UoG does the selection and publishes it on its website. Let’s say, it is the work of the university. 

Each faculty finalises the non-school leavers’ selections for the university. The university council then approves the listing for publication (and published the UoG non-school leavers’ selection list pdf on its website).

Secondly, as mentioned earlier) the school leavers’ applications are through the department of higher education, DHERST. Therefore, the listing for all tertiary institutions in Papua New Guinea including UoG is the work of DHERST.

University of Goroka – Overview

The University of Goroka (UoG) is a state-funded and managed university located in Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The institution was established in 1968 as a secondary school teachers’ training college and called Goroka Teachers’ College.

In 1997, the institution achieved its university status and became the University of Goroka. It is a coeducational institution with a relatively diverse student population. Many international students are from the Solomon Islands and other Pacific Island nations.

The university offers a four-year teachers’ education. Recent developments at the University of Goroka saw increased infrastructural development such as the new Auditorium, boarding dorms and Library. 

There is also a diversification of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in different fields in addition to the historic teachers’ training. 

The secondary school teachers’ training focus on Sciences, Humanities and TVET Education in the schools of Education, Humanities and Technology. 

The university is a highly research-driven institution. It also helps the community through its consultancy and training arm, the UniGor, run by its best home-grown academics. 

The university has a new well-equipped library, runs a per semester academic calendar and provides both accommodation and recreation facilities for its graduate and post-graduate students. Furthermore, the university runs a block post-graduate diploma in education course called LAHARA for secondary school and TVET teachers. The LAHARA courses are the PGDE (Post Graduate Diploma in Education) courses for teachers with no teaching background. 

Admission and selections to each of the academic programs are competitive. For more information on PNG Universities and courses, check out this page.


The information provided in the category of articles is for students’ information. It is an overview of the University of Goroka and aims to guide students when searching for details on application and selections; course and program offers; school leavers and non-school leavers options; and acceptance listings.

The latest information, news and updates on topics in this article can be found on the UoG website. To be more helpful in your research, PNG Insight provides direct links to the University of Goroka web pages. See below

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University of Goroka

Acronym: UoG
Established: 1997
Location: Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province
Mission: To transform lives, organizations and communities in the Pacific and beyond; through its wide range of quality educational programs, highly skilled and experienced staff and inspirational graduates.

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