Pop It Fidget Toy: Should it be allowed in school

Pop It Fidget Toy: Pop-It is similar to the good old bubble wrap. It is a fidget toy with an endless cycle of push and pop. After you’ve popped it all on one side, you just flip it over and start popping again. Pop It is also known as a push pop fidget toy. It comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. The fidget toys are made out of silicone.

What Pop It Fidget Toy Users are Saying about it

There are several types of Pop It Fidget Toys available on the market and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. The table shows the different types of Pop It Fidget Toys and what their users say about them.

Type of Pop ItUser Comment
Heart-shaped Pop ItI have a rainbow circle and a pink and blue heart one. It's so relieving.
Rainbow Colour Pop It - SquareI love the rainbow colour square Pop It. It is like a bubble wrap, I enjoy the sound of it or just the satisfaction of pressing it down!
Pop It Phone CaseOne of my friends has a Pop It phone case. He doesn’t share it with me, but I know he has so much fun with it.
Jumbo Pop ItI have a jumbo Pop It. It’s so much fun when my friends come around
Rainbow Colour Pop It - CircularI have a circular rainbow coloured pop it, and I love to play with it! It brings so much joy to me and my friend.
Simple Dimple Pop ItI love Pop It. Just about 2 months ago I discovered fidget toys and now I have 50 of them.

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Why is Pop It Fidget Toy Popular among Children?

Pop It is taking over the fidget spinner craze. The new fidget toy is trending on TikTok under the hashtag #PopIt with over 300 million views.

The new content creators are getting thousands of views on TikTok and YouTube the minute they released new content about the new fidget toys. Take a look at the screenshot taken at the time of this article. It is crazy.

What are the Benefits of Pop It Fidget Spinner?

The Pop It Fidget Toys are durable and safe for children. Pop It users are saying that popping the bubbles and listing to the pop sound acts as a stress and anxiety reliever. The simple act of popping can also improve concentration levels among children who struggle to maintain concentration.

Disclaimer: Pop It is a new children’s toy on the market and marketeer are using the benefits as a strong sales pitch to sell the product. Therefore, do further research to ascertain the pros and cons of using the Pop It Fidget toy.

Should Schools Allow Students to Bring Pop It?

Pop It Fidget Toy in Schools: With the growing interest shown on YouTube and TikTok, we are wondering whether students should bring Pop It to school.
In a recent BBC poll majority of the voters said ‘yes’ to bringing Pop It fidget to school:

  • 60% said YES,
  • 23% said NO, and

While, you are here, check out Children Games and Online Maths Learning Resources. We provide a wide range of free learning resources that you might find useful.

The poll shows over two-thirds of the voters are willing to take Pop It to schools as they feel it is satisfying to play with. Many who voted for felt that it helps them to concentrate and or releases stress. However, some voters have not heard of Pop It. They have heard of the Fidget Spinner and how many schools in the UK, Australia and the US did NOT allow children to bring them it. What do you think?

Let us know what you think in the comment. Do you think Pop It should be allowed in schools?

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