Resting at Rouna: ”Dreaming of Muskerry” – A Tribute to Sacrifice

Highlight of the Song: In this video, Vin immortalises his father’s respite at Rouna Falls, Papua New Guinea, amidst the challenges of war. The song “Dreaming of Muskerry” reflects the sacrifices made by Jack and countless others, securing the peace many enjoy today. Listen to the heartwarming tribute by Vin Healy, youngest son of Private John (Jack) Healy, a brave soldier from the 30th Works Division AIF. To subscribe to Vin Healy’s YouTube channel, click here.

Resting at Rouna

Join us as we share the life of Private Jack Healy, a valiant soldier who found a moment of solace captured in a timeless photo taken at Rouna Falls, located south of Ower’s Corner and The Kokoda Track. This cherished photograph was sent to Jack’s devoted wife, Marie, back at Muskerry in Page St, Middle Park, Melbourne, where she lived alongside the wives of the Healy brothers and brother-in-law, all serving at the time.

The image, embodying the essence of a well-deserved rest from the hardships of war, left Kodak so impressed that they honoured Marie with an A4 version of the photo. Today, it graces numerous Healy mantelpieces as a treasured memento of a heroic era.

The Song: “Dreaming of Muskerry”

The evocative song, “Dreaming of Muskerry,” composed by Vin Healy himself, touches the soul, encapsulating the enduring love between a father and his family, separated by distance and danger. It encapsulates the hopes, prayers, and dreams that sustained Jack amidst the turmoil of battle.

This touching musical masterpiece was brought to life through a collaborative effort spanning four years and two countries. Accomplished Geelong musician, Matiss Schubert, lent his talents to arrange the song, while the TEMIS Kokoda choir, deeply connected to the Kokoda campaign’s history, provided powerful support. Having trodden the path of the track many times, the choir brings an authentic and emotional understanding of the sacrifice made by those who traversed the arduous Kokoda journey.

Unsung Heroes of the Kokoda Campaign

In closure, “Resting at Rouna” is a moving tribute to Private John Healy and all the unsung heroes of the Kokoda campaign. Vin Healy’s heartwarming song, “Dreaming of Muskerry,” resonates deeply, portraying a soldier’s longing for his wife and child amid the trials of war.

With the support of Geelong musician Matiss Schubert and the TEMIS Kokoda choir, this collaborative effort transcends borders and time, commemorating the sacrifices made for the peace we cherish today in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Disclaimer: The words in this article are adapted from the description of the video for PNG Insight‘s Kokoda stories.

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  1. Vin Healy

    Hi Team, you might be interested in my tribute to The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels of Kokoda entitled ‘Bikpela Garas Ensel’. I performed this live in NBC Port Moresby studios in September as well as at ceremonies at Bomana and Lae War memorials. Vin


      Hi Vin, Thank you for the comment. That was a moving rendition. We watch the video and also seen the NBC live performance. Also shared it with our YouTube Community. Regards.

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