Here is general information on how to apply for the SITESA scholarship 2023-2024. The National Scholarship Division (NSD) announces annually the Solomon Islands Tertiary Education Scholarship Awards (SITESA) for the Solomon Islands. It is the government’s tuition scholarship for the youth in the country.


SITESAs are full awards funded by the Solomon Islands Government. The government aims to train and upskill its citizens with relevant skills that would support economic and social growth and prosperity in the country. 

All applicants can access the online application on the NSD website. Check for the Scholarship Information sheet for the details of the spaces for each category and the location of academic institutions.

SITESA scholarship application form online 2023 - 2024


The National Education Training Plan contains the focus areas. Applicants can apply for qualification levels indicated as priority areas. The qualification levels include:

  • certificate,
  • diploma,
  • undergraduate,
  • postgraduate,
  • masters and
  • PhD studies.



It is a requirement that all Applicants must apply and pursue admissions from academic institutions as prescribed in the National Education Training Plan (Opportunity List).

Successful applicants are to present offer of place letters/admission letters from the Academic Institutions to NSD/SITESA by 14th of January 2023.

Applicants must read and understand the categories of scholarships from the Scholarship Information sheet. 

This information sheet can be downloaded or accessed at the SITESA website –


All applicants are to access the online application form online and perform all tasks requested and upload the required documents. 

When you have registered, you can fill out the form, save and return it at any time to your online application form till you complete and submit it.

  • Expected Opening Date: Early October
  • Expected Closing Date: Late November

For further information about the 2023 Scholarships, contact NSD-SITESA by Phone: at 26334. Ext: 8001

SIG Scholarship Application 2023 info

SIG Scholarships are only available to Solomon Islands nationals in the Solomon Islands and overseas. It is a pre-service scholarship awarded to an unemployed person. Usually a recent school leaver or an existing tertiary student. 
Click here to find out how to apply online.