Sunset Lodge Port Moresby Day Trip to the Beach

Port Moresby Sunset Lodge (also called Sunset Village Resort) is under an hour’s drive from downtown, Port Moresby. The area is well-kept with a safe and secured carpark. What makes Sunset Lodge a must-visit are the designated barbeque benches, bar and beach. (Check the link to an earlier article).

The sunsets in the evenings are spectacular. At low tides, you can walk up to 300 metres into the sea.

The lodge/resort only accepts daytrippers.

How to get to Sunset Lodge

The Sunset Lodge is located near the PNG LNG plant and between Papa and Lealea villages. The road is fairly flat with potholes to avoid. A small car can make it there and back.

To get there, take the underpass off the Poreporena Freeway opposite Weigh Inn (when going towards downtown Port Moresby); or take the left turn off the Konedobu Police Headquater (coming from downtown/Ela Beach).

Stay on the well-sealed road past the LNG project plant. Go past Papa Village and the Chinese Wholesaler’s yard on the left. Sunset Lodge is about half a minute past the wholesaler’s yard.

Slow down and look for the perimeter fence. Sunset lodge’s signboard on the left. The car park in just below the steep slope on entry.

Facilities at Sunset Lodge

The amenities there are fairly basic. A bar selling can drinks and alcohol, barbecue area, toilets, car park and sitting area. The sitting area overlooks the beautiful Papa sandy beach and sea. If you are lucky, you’ll see the massive oil tankers at the LNG plant/terminal refilling LNG for export to the Asian markets.

There is a well-kept indoor area with an overhang overlooking the sea and mangroves – beautiful view.

Beach and Mangroves

The beach is nicer than the others near Port Moresby. Lovely sea breeze too. A top tip is to camp near the beach or get a bbq area. Kids are going to have fun this way. At low tide, the sea goes further out. You can walk right into the sea and play on the sandbanks.

Always have someone to look after your personal and valuable items when you are away from your camp as there are locals using the beach as access way between the Papa and Lealea villages.

Ground fees and charges

As usual, go prepared with food, sunscreen, hats, water and any day’s necessities to make your trip a good one. Sunset Lodge does not do food or provide lodging. As mentioned earlier, they only sell soft drinks and beverages. There is a K10 per head standard charge for adults and K5 for children 5 – 12 years old. Under 5 years are free. Visitors can pay in cash or by card/EFTPOS.

Visit Sunset Lodge Facebook page for more (and latest) information on fees and charges. Or contact them on 767 732 73.

Fun at Sunset Lodge

There are many things to do while at Sunset Lodge, as well as enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Here is a list of possible things to do:

  • Birthday party
  • Family barbecue
  • Camp on the beach
  • Walk along the beach
  • Kiteboarding/Windsurfing
  • Visit Lealea Village Market
  • Climb the Mangrove trees
  • Watch the spectacular sunset
  • Walkout into the sea at low tide (recommended)

The Sunset Lodge has a nice beach for families and friends wanting a day’s visit to the beach or a getaway from Port Moresby.

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