Teachers colleges in PNG – How to Apply

 Want to become a teacher or education officer in PNG? The best pathway is through one of PNG’s Teachers’ Colleges, but you must have a GPA above the required threshold. 

In this article, PNG insight provides brief information about the 17 teachers’ colleges in PNG and how to apply as a school leaver and non-school leaver (NSL).

What is the GPA for Teachers’ Colleges in PNG?

The GPA for teachers’ colleges in PNG complies with the DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology). The threshold is 2.0, but the Department of Education (which employs and registers teachers) has raised it to 2.4, see the news article.

Also, there are two important factors that can affect your selection to a teachers’ college in PNG.

  • Firstly, a threshold GPA is like the borderline – as an applicant you want to have a GPA that is higher than the threshold to increase your chance of being selected.
  • Secondly, your grades should indicate consistency. For example, your selection may be placed in a pool or disregarded if you achieve great marks in most subjects – which are likely to give you a good GPA – but your English and Literature mark is terrible.

There is more to being selected than GPA. A good GPA increases your chance of being selected, but it is not the only determining factor. There is more decision-making involved in the selection process. 

GPA for PNG teachers colleges

Government scholarship TESAS 

Note that the government scholarship TESAS (Tertiary Education School Assistance Scheme) recommends a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 

You can be on TESAS when entering a teachers’ college with a GPA above the threshold, yet if you do not maintain it in your first year, you’ll have to go by as a self-sponsored student.

So, it is important to get a GPA above 2.0 and perform consistently across all your subject in Grade 12 if you want to study at a teachers’ college in PNG.

How to apply to a teacher’s college as a school leaver?

Applying to a teacher’s college as a Grade 12 school leaver is easy. You’ll have to do that at your school with the help of your teacher through the http://apply.dherst.gov.pg login portal.

Your school’s deputy academic and class patron will assist you to make your choices. 

A top tip here is to make teachers’ college your first choice if you want to become a healthcare worker in PNG. 

How to apply to a teacher’s college as a non-school leaver?

Non-school leavers are the Grade 12 students who completed school in the last five years or those who upgraded their marks at FODE and want to study at a college in PNG. 

If you are an NSL, you’ll have to apply directly to the college you wish to study. It will have the latest application form, school fee info and other admission details you need to know before applying.

Here is a link to help you prepare.

How to check your name in Teachers’ College Selection 2022/2023?

The DHERST selects the Grade 12 school leavers based on the choices on the online application portal. It also compiles non-school leavers selection lists for the colleges.

The teachers’ college selections for 2023 will come out with the respective heading – school leavers (for the current Grade 12) and non-school leavers (for those who have completed Grade 12 in the last five years)

Also, check to make sure you are on TESAS. If you are not on TESAS, you will be a SELF-SPONSORED student.

How Many Teachers’ Colleges are in PNG?

teachers colleges in PNG application form 2022/2023

Wondered how many teachers’ colleges are in PNG? There are 17 colleges in the country that take in students yearly.

Also, the colleges are located in each of the regions. Check the college that is closer to where you are.

Teacher's CollegeLocationCollege info
1. Balob Teachers College   Lae (Morobe), MomaseMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
St Peter Channel College of Secondary Teacher EducationKokopo, New Guinea IslandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
St Benedicts Kaindi  Teachers College East Sepik, MomaseMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Southern Highlands Teachers CollegeMendi (SHP), HighlandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Sonoma Adventist Teachers College   Rabaul (ENBP), New Guinea IslandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Dauli Teachers CollegeWewak, MomaseMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Simbu Teachers CollegeSimbu, HighlandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Sacred Heart Teachers College   Port Moresby, SouthernMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Rev Maru Teachers College   East Sepik, MomaseMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
PNG Education InstitutePort Moresby (NCD), SouthernMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
DWU OLSH Kabaleo Teachers College Rabaul (EHP). New Guinea IslandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Melanesian Nazarene Teachers Colleges Mount Hagen (WHP), HighlandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Gaulim Teachers College   Rabaul (WNBP), New Guinea IslandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Katagu Lutheran Teachers College   Goroka (EHP), HighlandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Madang Teachers College   Madang, MomaseMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Holy Trinity Teachers College Mount Hagen (WHP), HoghlandsMORE INFO ON PNGINSIGHT.COM
Enga Teachers College   


School leavers and non-school leavers info

Important disclaimer:

Note that this is not a formal advisory from any teachers’ college in PNG. It is only a piece of general information based on insights on education & development information this blog provides for over 10 years.

Hope this information points you in the right direction as you make your choices and anticipate your selection.

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