Tertiary Entrance Rank, TER

The Tertiary Entrance Rank appears on the Grade 12 students’ provisional statement of results. There are in fact three numbers that appear together: the RANK, the TER and the GRADE 12 STUDENT POPULATION. 

When will DHERST formally publish the 2023 Grade 12 selection List for HEIs?

The RANK is the Grade 12 student’s ‘position’ relative to the number of grade 12 students who sat the exams and are graded in that particular year.

The GRADE 12 STUDENT POPULATION as the name implies, is the total population of Grade 12 students who sat the Grade 12 examination in that particular year. 

Tertiary Entrance Rank, TER

So what is the TER?

This student’s rank is basically the total ranking out of 100%.

Though there is no clarity on the criteria used in the PNG Grade 12 TER, it is widely understood that the final TER is inclusive of both the Year 11 and Year 12 internal (SCHOOL-BASED) and external (EXAM) marks.

So if a Grade 12 student’s tertiary entrance rank is 80%, it means

  • you performed above 79% of the whole student population who sat the exams; and
  • 20% of the students performed above that particular student.

TER is Rank not Mark

Note that the tertiary entrance rank is not a mark. As the name implied, it is a rank. 

The TER shows your position relative to the general student population who sat for the exam country-wide in a particular year.

All in all, the higher the TER, the better the performance. The lower the TER, the poorer the performance.

Grade 12 selections and acceptance lists 2023

PNG Insight has been following the Grade 12 exam results and selection to higher institutions in the country. We have a lot of info that you will find useful at this time.

Check out the dates for the release of the Grade 12 selections lists 2023 and the universities and non-universities acceptance lists via the blue links.

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  1. Rodney Francis

    If I have 4 c in grade 12 result, will I be given a space in teriatary institution, like teachers and Nursing colleges?

  2. Lynn

    Does TER 99% get a student into UPNG?

  3. Paul K

    Does TER 31% give you a placing in any institution?

  4. Hele

    Does TER 77% get a student into uni?


      A tertiary entrance rank of 77% is a great positional rank, but it does not guarantee a university placement. Others factors like your like the choice on the NAOS and the number of students ranked above the top 23% makes a lot of difference.

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